I hope y’all love this video and enjoyed seeing some of my day! Y’all said you want vlogs even on my random and boring days so here we go heheh!! Thank you so much for being patient and understanding! i love you guys!! Im so grateful for you guys and your endless support! NONE of this would be possible without y’all! Thank you for everything xo

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Vanny Lsch says:

i have the ones you have twice , twice too
i love the nike rosh soo much

Bernadette Reynolds says:

wear clothes

Abc Bcd says:

You didn’t wait till you wear your clothes?

Juno Tan says:

can i have your business email?

michael bartlett says:

Can I buy your nike shoes

Olesya Nishun says:

Это нормально что она в полотенце вообще?

sophië says:

I heard you can clean shoes with a wet mr clean magic eraser lol

Daniel Mamus says:

It is so true she should have something on she just wanted attention .

Stephanie says:

why is it so hard to put a clothes on before you choose to film lmao

Monique Jones says:

Hey what website did you order ur Roche run black and white shoes

Super Saiyan 3 says:

met on tinder lol

ugo_uchendu says:

Why couldn’t you have just worn clothes…

Madison Dawkins says:

where did you buy your nikes from ?

debee_flipz says:

this is cringey af

Jessica Kaesbauer says:

damn Daniel

Egotonii _ says:

Do you also wear 7.5 in slippers??

PinkyRarez says:

qhwew did u bought the shoes from

Emma Ly says:

I feel so yelled at but nikes

happyforlife videos says:

she was just throwing stufz.. she is agressive i guess

SlyHighlights says:

you should have recorded without the towel haha

Berenice Trejo says:

Can someone give me the link to the first pair of shoes (gray)?

Junior Moronta says:

so what are the youtube rules what songs can u play what songs cant u play are u allowed to use brands or no

Cynthia Zan Lopes says:

God you’re so annoying..

Pete Theweed says:

Keep at it girl!! – You’re doing great!

Angelia Camargo says:

how much did the first pair of shoes cost??!

Shaima May says:

you shouldn’t do that much work in out in the Roche’s bc they’re more casual shoes. hence the fact that they change the name from Roche run to roche one

Sakshi Patel says:

what are the pink shoes called?

Ravey Hart says:

what r the name of those . i want these ???

Hannah Simmons says:

I subscribed halfway thru this video 🙂 1. I love roshe runs 2. your personality is amazing!! xoxo

Daniel Mamus says:
Mrz. Taylor says:


osnapits kaykay says:

She reminds me of Perrie Edwards for some reason…

Cheryl says:

ubierz sie kobieto..

Bronson Bates says:

she as good shose

Laura Salvucci says:


rainbow unicorn says:

can someone tell me the name of these shoes?

winter kibbles84 says:

she said roshe wrong

Daniel Mamus says:

I agree she should of put something on she just wanted attention.

Rabb Himself says:

You’re a cutie pic

Theajfc YT says:

is it really necessary that you have to wear that bath towel?

Sonia Ilas says:

so why exactly didn’t you put a shirt on?

Dana Mixon says:

put some damn clothes on and are those moles on your face? gross.

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