UNBOXING: Spider-Man JORDAN 1 “Origins Story” SNEAKER Review

A look at the limited edition PROMO Air Jordan 1 ‘Spider-Man” Into the Spider-Verse SNEAKER and BOX.

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Del-Vecie Brown says:

Got mine secured for pickup tomorrow.


Someone help me PLEASE I wanna cop the spider-verse Jordan 1s but don’t know the sizing for the ones I wear a 11.5 in Jordan 11 lows just Incase that would help but how do they run and what size should I get ??

JT Suarez says:

It’s a chicago with a spider-man box, that’s it.

gdavis2bn says:

they not even selling the kicks he wore in the movie …but the dots are for the animation style used in the film … movie was fire tho.

Retro Rickey says:

They should have come with a comic book too.

monicaChrisAhn says:

if anyone has a size 9 my max is $200… lol

swalker0731 says:

Bro is all that talking necessary?? I understand u gotta talk but dang bruh all that talking before u even open the box


Sick of jordan 1s

Bryce Da Nice says:

I have those shoes with the costume

Vine Jokes says:

Who else cop this today on SNEAKRS app?

Night Wolf says:

Ain’t those called the Chicago Crystal?

I'm RaZeM says:

The soles rock wtf

Jason Premdas says:

Is the check/swoosh patent leather??

Veljko Petrovic says:

Are this gona be hard to buy?

Nate Castro says:

Are they coming in full family?

Isiah Daley says:

This is a beautiful shoe

Timmy says:

Must cop

Cameron Phillips says:

I won a pair off footlocker app, last minute too, merry christmas to me!!

Irving Rodriguez says:

It sucks we getting a kids version of this shoe. I was waiting on the Chicagos to release now I have to wait a couple more years.

The Archer says:

i want these so badly but i don’t have enough money to cop, my favourite shoe ever


Shoe hype is dead

Jian NL says:

This guy sucks.

Abraham Gonzalez says:


Anchrist W says:

Zzz similar with AJ 1 Chicago

Rease Riverz says:

Great shoe but the design doesnt scream Spiderman. I believe that the Nike Dunk Low “Spider-Man” design concept fit better then this. The detail for this particular shoe doesn’t set it apart or make the shoe stand out from the rest of the jordan collection. To be honest the box and the tissue paper is more interesting than the shoe.

Siddharth Rajagopalan says:

I copped, they nice af

Kang Wei Ng says:

Yo Jac~would love to see the shoes on feet tho~ dope channel btw

Mober says:

awoh a dexter thats my size send dat my way

Charby B says:

Why aren’t these coming out in toddler/preschool sizes; only Boys Grade school. I was looking forward to getting these for my 5 year son who has become a big spiderman fan and and bigger Miles Morals fan. Very disappointed.

MaxAir365 says:

Nerdy mf gets everything

Alfreedo Sanchez says:

I’m definitely getting these not a shoe collector but a huge Spider-Man fan

Skreamies says:

I love the Chicago style and I have to say the translucent soles look brilliant. I do like the Spider-Man films though I’m not a die hard fan but the collab is really cool especially with the 3m touches.

If people don’t like the dots then just get yourself some Angelus Red Acrylic Leather Paint and you’re sorted 🙂

sparkes44 says:

I must be the minority not interested because they are spiderman. I’m a grown man don’t wanna be looked at as a spidey nerd. Wish they were called like Jordan snowstorm or something

L.A. Untalan says:

The out-sole should have been translucent RED!


Dots are the way the print was done back then. Not a story aid as mentioned.

Dr Menomonkey says:

I thought it look like a basketball to

Idalia Garcia says:

The dots are called Ben-Day dots

ChildofGod229 says:

These may be the best 1’s this year.

Ruffle EFX says:

Yo These are MJ 1, not Michael Jordan…MJ 1 for ” Marry Jane 1″ thats why u don’t have spiderman logoor web on them. The red signify her red hair. MJ was a red head. Dont sleep on them…Im gonna Cop me a couple pairs. Just wait till it was reveal as Mary Jane 1’s , they going really be worth more lol.

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