Unboxing the Nike PG 2.5 PlayStation Shoes

Jonathon Dornbush unboxes a suitcase of PlayStation-fueled nostalgia, including a pair of Nike’s PG 2.5 PlayStation Shoes and a PlayStation Classic.

PlayStation Classic Review

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Alan Torres says:

Does anybody else hate the paul george logo would have loved to have the playstation logo on both shoes not one

Joshua Waxman says:

Great job!! Will be buying more.…At soletrendshoes_com

Tom M says:

Does anyone know how much they retail for?

Instinct rT says:

I implused brought the mess out of these (brought only 1 but I mean I did it out of impluse).

D Fallen says:

When did the shoes come out

Rusty Shackleford says:

Hahaha I have both pairs. The black and silvers….

Roaring Lion says:

Do they come in size 18M; US?

LeBron James says:

Oh man this look sweet would love to have a pair..

Tits McFunnyBalls says:

These aren’t nerdy at all…

Michael Walker says:

Got a pair in size 10 if anyone interested

MasteredTheUniverse says:

Asscusemiiii ?

duncanblue124 says:

Who is Paul George ????

Omax Omega says:

PlayStation all day every day!

Slump - says:

IGN doesn’t deserve to do shoe unboxing videos until they do accurate reviews of games

Tits McFunnyBalls says:

You can wear your matching Pokemon led belt buckle…

Lika S says:

Haha. Gimme gimme gimme!!! I just want the suitcase haha


I don’t know, the xbox commercial is a little misleading.

Gun Play Gaming says:

that suit case is dope

Joshua Waxman says:

Great job!! Will be buying more.…At soletrendshoes_com

Gods Plan says:

Play station nike

Mr. Infinity says:

Where can I buy these?!!!! Come on IGN ???!!! I need them. Need.

Temporicide says:


Pinta Kong says:

where can i order ?

Elmer Lopez says:

I got an xbox commercial lmao

Amazing Pradeep says:

What’s the purpose of this?

yung garyy says:

where can I get the shoes?

Stormtrooper Aim Assist says:

I love play station but this thing was only sold in the US as far as I’m aware which is disappointing and I hate it

Walter Mojica says:


mrfreezybreze says:

Got a some for my sister. I found her a pair of youth sizes for Christmas. 20$ cheaper too

NEXUZ The Defiant says:

What’s the best in the background

Gabriel Basilio Brito says:

Wow, shows look sick

Adriel Mejia says:

I dont even think he knows who PG is

HumProduction says:

Is not coolest thing about the suitcase. It is what is inside of it. dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no here to watch suitcase review……………………..

hearn nancy says:

exactly as pictured and fast shipping…By justdoshoes。com


Nice shoe game

Black Blue says:

Will these release in the philippines?

Terminator Jeff says:

Can I play fortnite on my jordans?

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