adidas ULTRA Boost vs. PUMA IGNITE

– ULTRA Boost:

Quick comparison review of the Adidas ULTRA BOOST and PUMA IGNITE running shoes. These are two of the best running shoes on the market (as of the date of this video). Adidas has really created a winner here. I think the same of PUMA.

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Shanobix says:

Have you tried the pure boosts? I want some good athletic and aesthetics shoes that won’t break the bank lol.

Poptropica Cheats says:

I couldn’t buy the boost cause if I did I would be too worried about scuffing it when running. Sneaker head problems

Valeri Terziyski says:

Dude, both ignite and boost are PU foam! Some thoughts?

salman raza says:

How do the ultra boost fare as trainers ?

amr hamdi says:

Hey Riz, what is the best competitors for the Adidas ultra boost that I can get as a second shoes ?

Michael Sanchez says:

Puma NRGY shoes is the same foam technology as adidas boost. Don’t think they make them anymore though.

Rathanak says:

Primeknit and Boost is the best hands down. The price is reasonable because you WON’T want to wear any other shoe. They’re that comfortable. Flyknit free .0’s don’t come close.

pratheec kolli says:

puma ignite is better than the Adidas’s ultra boost

Kenny H says:

I really like the puma limitless ignite

Ali Zoghibe says:

i just bought the puma ignity dual it is very comfortable
but later i will buy the adidas

Luke says:

Is adidas running shoe best?

What about ascis?

mslmsldk says:

I use Ultra Boost as everyday shoes. I’m a baller!

Paolo Crowe says:

Hi I’m thinking of investing in a new pair of running shoes and am torn between the ultra boosts and the Nike lunarlon flyknit 3’s, what would you suggest?

Kenny H says:

Puma ignite is better

Gohan Productions says:

But puma ignite is Usain Bolts shoes of choice.

Gaurav Mohanty says:

Is Puma Limitless good for daily wear and running ?

Soo Zi Keat says:

I can find a puma ignite around 60$-70$

IdolEyes84 says:

I few years ago I started running more often and it was time for brand name “real” running shoes. I tried energy boost and loved them (ran my first 14km race in them). 🙂 Then a year or two later I needed new shoes again (put in lots of km into the soles of the others) so I got Adidas Ultra boost, I love them. I’m looking to get a second pair to wear as every day casual shoes. That boost foam is the best invention ever, and they look good too 🙂 they fixed continental sole to be more flat now.

Sagar Borah says:

which ignite shoes is this bro

michael villano says:

why would you level the intro music to be 4x louder than your speaking voice

Brian Chan says:

The review is rather superficial as Jeff basically compare the design and price only.

what are the differences between boost foam and ignite sole?

MaKarma says:

Riz I see you running on the road or hard pavements. Isn’t it considered bad for your knees?
I’d like to know your take on the same.

LamaGEEKking says:

i like boost better

foulpotato says:

in what way is the ultra boost actually better than the puma? I have a puma axis v3(only in india and singapore and some european country i think) and it’s great. Around christmas I may buy either of these, but I’m also looking at the new ASICS gel cumulus, as I’m a neutral/underpronation runner. Any advice?

moustafa shafie says:

what is best: ignitr proknit or nike free 4 flyknit?

Stephen Sinacori says:

thats like comparing a chevy lumina to a Maybach

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