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Anyone who’s been skating since the early 90s will recall PUMA’s history as a street skating favorite among many 90s pros. A few classic PUMA models appeared on the feet of many pioneering street skaters during this time. Well, PUMA is back (actually it never went anywhere) and has enlisted none other than reigning ledge tech manny champion of the free world, Joey Brezinski. Check out this exclusive video of Joey breaking down some of the finer points of the PUMA Suede Classic as well as a few moves at LA’s Stoner Plaza in this special edition of Behind The Design. Be sure to check out some choice selections of PUMA product below in the CCS shop.



Jarallel says:

fuck outta here

Jose Uno says:

Vulcanized soles are thinner and have better board feel. but blows out faster. Cups are a bit more durable but less board feel. but will save your heels from blowing out.

Ariel Arawiran says:

Naah Emerica for life. Shoes for skaters made by skaters.

Joel Folkesson says:

Ohmygod, is that so? That is just crazy dude, to bad it’s not your birthday today because if it were I would have given a fuck

Adam says:

i think he meant 6 weeks.. Probably 6 hours though. Product placement.. lmao. 

smitty02345 says:


Aholiab Dominguez says:

This shoe actually skates really good

Graham Malcom says:

one of my fav shoes coz blink 182 – adams song

Jose Uno says:

you must be a penis pusher!

Notolerancetobullshet says:

I literally skated these for a day and broke the living shit out of them.

hweenmask says:

6 months?

more like 6 minutes?

n9 kids says:

he is a faggot ? why did he show us his left shoes as example and hes goofy 

kniivve says:

6 months of skating fuck off , I skate these shoes atm and in the first day they already had a decent amount of wear on them like 10 x more than he had lol

Gnark52 says:

Joey skate handrails and big gaps? 6 monthes? I love Joey but there’s a lot of bs in this.

Lloyd Elliott says:

Got my pair today!! they are sick they don’t wear down, and you have incredible board feel! your feet get a little sore but you get used to it 😛

Ronaldo114 says:

The shoes are good, I just switched out the insole for more protection since the original is thin.

Ralphie Nieves says:

Which are better for skating? Puma Suede or Puma Vulc?


6 months lol. Literally looks like less than 6 hours of skating on those. 

smitty02345 says:

true, but just the appeal of lakai seems a little cooler, but puma fits him well it seems

smitty02345 says:

I prob don’t kno much about puma either in the skating sense im 16, but idk why people reject puma they are great skate shoes I bet im getting the suedes petty soon.

TheAsianRc456 says:

Oh yeah, solid 6 months. I think he meant solid 6 minutes. Anyway ot can last 6 months no jokes.  Without the griptape of the board lol

WhyMisty says:

They look soooooo FREAKIN CLEAN 

Donkeyspew says:

I hope he was joking when he says 4 months of skating big gaps and rails, he only skates manny pads

Donald Trump says:

Why do I always confuse him with Ryan decenzo ?

Jpwn3r says:

Just got a pair of these. They’re durable as hell and they skate like a dream.

kvn hlms says:

he was being sarcastic.

Kiwiburger says:

Puma are made to look good and are not durable, their gonna get rekt anyway don’t get them get kustom, Nike, adidas e.g

Brandon BUCK says:

6 months my ass haha tf…. shoes don’t last that long

KyleMcTv - says:

He showed the foot he doesn’t skate in hahahaha

Miles Clasen says:

Yeah I cant really see him on lakai

Marcin Mysza says:

Kłamczuszek z ciebie

Roy IsOurBoy says:

Fuck you, stupid troll. See, i bet if we were in real life you wouldn’t say that shit though .-.

Kiwiburger says:

My shoes I got today by “globe” , the shoelaces broke after an hour of skate, so I took the laces out of my old ripped up DC’s

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