Here’s Why The Puma One is a Big Mistake!

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Hunter Wuerthner says:

I like puma but I don’t like their leather upper but I would like to see how it does before considering it fully

Peter Whalen says:

I agree with everything u said but i think it’s sad boots that don’t look as flashy or futuristic don’t get popularity in today’s market

Andrew Centeno says:

I’m so mad they cut my favourite line(the Evotouch)

Geovanni Lugo says:

how do you keep white cleats clean…..i recently got the nemeziz 17.2 and I just need some tips

Chad Bone says:

Agree with Josh.This thing is borderline ugly. The form stripe is hideous being smaller and pushed back. A lot of poor design decisions. Only saving grace will be a blackout colorway lol

micah peria says:

I think this shoe looks great! I would definitely be interested to see how they feel on my feet. I would definitely buy these

Jason Wong says:

It looks really sleek and I always liked Puma boots

Zachm8 says:


Barrington Sunderland says:

its a shame because i rather liked the evo speed…not the super light versions obvioisly…but as far as the puma one, it just looks unfinished like an early prototype or something like that.

Whelan 04 says:

I’m 12 and I bought these because I’m my opinion they look sick.

cnce145 says:


mark cruz says:

I personally think they should have never gotten rid of the puma king. In my opinion any brand that wants to have some sort of popularity always needs to have a reliable leather boot like their puma king, then maybe make a few changes and tweaks to the shoe as you make each generation. The legend has gone through these changes and almost rarely goes through massive changes. Their puma king that they had back for the 2012 Euro cup to me was amazing, they should have kept that. And as people have said the evopower vigor is a great boot, keep that and have your speed boot be your “pioneer” or “high tech” boot that you experiment with.

saveinmyhead88 says:

i think it is the right time puma eradicated evospeed and evotouch line cause the lines seems underwhelming and underrated for quite years of time ..puma one exactly forpuma answer for adidas x and nike mercurial line enthusiasts ..maybe the 1st generation will be overlooked as well if their could potentially become famous and popular their need really strong and many people used their product

Mircea Camara says:

I love the evopower…but that’s it within the puma line

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Just to make things 100% clear, although I think you would understand this if you watched the whole video, this video is not about the Puma One being a bad shoe from a performance standpoint. I don’t give an opinion on the performance in this video either. My point in this video is that I don’t think that the Puma One is an interesting enough shoe for Puma to pull anybody away from purchasing a Nike or Adidas boot. The Puma One could be one of the best performing boots available, but based on the look and general choice of tech they’ve used, I think it has very little chance of being successful. This is just an opinion of course, but I think a lot of people would agree with me. Hopefully that clears things up.

gcalianza says:

I think puma got out this one to compite with super brands….
And they will.
Finally a good lookn puma

Buster Nut says:

The puma one chrome looks amazing

Luca G says:

How is the durability of puma evospeed 1.5?and what is the difference from puma evo power vigor 1 and puma evopower vigor 1 3D?

CR7 football says:

meant to be at school but chipped my tooth and ruined my lip

Navid Khan says:

That looks horrible

DrHankVenture says:

I don’t think they inherently screwed themselves here. The point of the One is to be simple. It’s a K-Leather upper where it needs to be, a light synthetic where it doesn’t need the leather, and the knit collar is on par (in terms of quality) with their other boots with the same design concept. It’s outrageously comfortable, plain and simple. I was able to try a pair yesterday, and they were incredible. I bought the Nemeziz 17.1 the day it came out, and I was thoroughly disappointed with the money I spent as compared to the One. While they’re not too much different, the Puma is an all-around more likable boot on foot. I, personally, felt that it shot better than the Nemeziz. That could be just day-over-day feeling in general, but the One was more comfortable overall. I could see that being a boot that could be worn for an outdoor and an indoor season, and you wouldn’t need to worry about the construction quality either, whereas something like the Mercurial or the Nemeziz might be falling apart by then (seeing as how the Nemeziz is a series of elastics, they might be stretched out and not as form fitting once the season is over).

I don’t think that it’s being given a fair shake, especially when you mentioned that you’re looking for “tech”. Tech is great when it works, and it worked in the Speed SL model, but then you gripe that the SL was so teched out that it fell apart after about 10 games. Puma has never, ever been known for tech. They’re known for impeccable construction and quality boots that won’t let you down. This fits the market that Nike and Adidas don’t cater to nearly as well, and that is the group that like the classic leather boot, they don’t mind it being slightly heavier, and they want to be able to comfortably go 60+ minutes without their feet feeling fatigued. They do that incredibly well.

Hugo Villanueva says:

I believe once they start adding the neons with the a dark leather kids will be wowed… But my first impression is that this boots should be on the 130 to 150 price range. Now if the quality of leather is first notch and the comfort of the boot is first notch along with some color enhancements, this shoe will be a well deserving 200 dollar shoe

goliath chapman says:

I think you are right. These boot is just not flashy enough to catch a buyer’s attention. And the leather…most people don’t want it! Great job, Josh. Love you videos

Finnlagh says:

I am really condidering this boot

ludwing ardon says:

Did you ever own the pavel nedved boots made by uhlsport? wonder what your thought were on those and if you ever made a video reviewing them.

Roryd8 8 says:

it looks like a take down model

mark yuen says:

Do a review on the asics lethal testimonial 4!

Nadia Monteiro says:

I wouldn’t consider a puma shoe, they are very boring and where I live it’s considered a bad shoe.

Exodia I Lifeisgood says:

I Hope the next shoes are going to be good

Justin Wu says:


Miguelangel Amador says:

I’m 14 going on 15 in the next month and I’m 100% going to get the pumaone


yes. leather, not too expensive, sock. otherwise powers are a great choice.

Bryce Staalsen says:

The last puma cleats I bought were the fg & indoor version of the v1.08

After that, I was just really not interested in look first off, and the price vs performance never interested me in most puma lines.
I’d buy the recent releases from NB or UA over puma. Maybe puma is just too European style for me in the USA.

Josh Mezza says:

This shoe pulled me from Nike

Craig Bassam says:

perhaps in a different colour…

Jason Wong says:

Really excited about the Puma one

Linus Bondo Jensen says:

I don’t see what puma get out of this?! They lost all fans of thin, responsive and synthetic speed boots! and the tech isn’t really up there

Omar Ibrahim says:

I am interested in Puma verily because the boots themselves are very high quality and the development of them you could say were very planned through. Being the stud patterns put on Evo-Powers, the soft accufoam they put on, etc. However, Puma’s MAJOR PROBLEM as to why they aren’t as popular as the other 2 companies in my opinion is simply their colorways. They are super ugly, mixing mustard or lime yellow with a teal; the colorways stick to the same theme which is just bright colour upon bright colour in which the combos are really ugly. Adidas and Nike put out good colorways sometimes. I am iffy on the Puma One’s also due to how the knit collar was just a big hassle for me with my Ace 17+ Primeknit boot, of course, it didn’t add any support which was annoying, the lockdown didn’t feel as good as a low cut boot along with just making things feel bulkier. It has potential however…


I really like puma but tbh they have disappointed me with the puma one it’s just really bad and I think the evo touch wasn’t even a bad boot and the colour ways they had where really good

Jose Arias says:

Yup, I would like to at least try them

vVolt says:

No not really

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