Hypefest + Unboxing Exclusive Puma Shoes

Puma, who I worked with on this video, invited me to attend Hypefest and unbox two Hypefest-exclusive colorways of shoes that feature Cell technology—the Puma Cell Endura and the Puma Cell Venom. Watch me unbox these exclusive colorways and then have the time of my life at Hypefest.

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Thanks for watching.

-Brad Hall


kofuzi says:

did those shoes come from the matrix?

Josh Simmons says:

Actual wholesomeness. Glad it felt nice Brad. You made all of their days too.

Amal Raj says:

Who else came to know about him from Unbox Therapy?

1k subscribers without any videos says:

Social blade predicts you will have 1 million subs in 2021-04-13

OfficialTwentys says:

Can you be my dad?

SΛM says:

pretty good acting

Ben Hodson says:

2.36 that jennifer bin in the background??

Noah T says:

Love you Brad no homo <3

Sim Miranda says:

Ayee, that’s some top notch full circle delivery brad

Aspen says:

Can you please answer this Brad

Is this your real personality?

Moonbear Wears says:

Wow. How did I miss you.

T D says:

Need those Puma x Brad Hall Cell Techs

xXCRUSADER77 says:

Is this guy mono tone

andrim says:

He needs to be on full size run

please subscribe 12356 says:

U deserve great credit

SupremeBoy2003 says:

Little fact for yall I watch brad halls video in slow speed for better experience

Eduardo Marquez says:

Brad Hall your the best
Keep up the good work

702pimpdaddy says:

Cant wait to meet you at a sneaker con. Icon status

Vĩnh Giang Hoàng says:

You make people happy, entertained and informed, you deserved it Brad ! ❤️

FaZe Keakom says:

300K On The Way

Jack Boatman says:

Great video Brad!

jack gosling says:

He’s like gabe!

TheMalteseFury says:

He sounds like he’s describing his first mdma experience haha

ABC says:

Lmao! This must b a joke

Bahadır AKTOP says:

I don’t understand why Brad is suprised that he got recognised consedering he is the best youtuber ever

Connor Prout says:

such a great youtuber

Damon says:

I’m glad that dad brad isn’t sad or mad but had a rad skidad around the shoefad. What a lad; clad in chad footpad. Not bad might I add.

link2derek says:

I’m glad Puma and the Hype peeps showed you some love — it looks good on you.

Yesh. says:

Dear Brad,

When the Yeezy Basketball Shoes come out. Can you please do a performance review? That would be absolutely epic!

A fan

Jonathan Southcott says:

Wow this guy is so enthusiastic!

No actually good video

Muh GrammarDED says:

Ur the most innocent and decent person on YouTube.

I luv ur vids

Blessing Okauru says:

You know what, if he was just more expressive he would be cute as hell.

Renn says:

Where did you get the shirt you were wearing in the beginning?

QualityKush says:

brad, you’re the man

Muh GrammarDED says:

Brad be more confident bro

vai says:

all hail father hall

MRR Rzl says:

We need brad hall star in hollywood walk of fame

Trucker Dave 215 says:

I like your videos man I wish I could meet you one day to take a picture

Kira Alteric says:

Wholesome video, good work on the shoe reviews Brad

Benedict Milne says:

This video s why I’m going to emmingrate to america

arthur says:


MisterEric says:

Thanks Puma cell technology

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