Today I’m reviewing Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner! The Puma Hybrid Rocket features a midsole made up of a combination of NRGY Pellets similar to those used in Boost and Ignite Foam. The combination creates a springy comfortable ride. The Hybrid Rocket releases on July 12th for $120. Check out my review to learn more about the sneaker!

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Calvin Dang says:

It looks like I stepped on dippin dots lol.

helsinki says:

Them midsole is giving me nightmares. Trypophobia.

Void Cometh says:

I like them. I get having dull shows is the thing now but Adidas is going to unicolor on almost everything. I like my shoes to have some character to them and not just be an athletic shoe that tries to be an dress shoe. I want sneakers not shoes you wear to a wedding.

Muhammad Mad says:

Wow good looking sneaker…

Darkmajic1231 says:

Kinda triggers my tryophobia

wahwah1013 says:

Puma and Adidas two shoe companies started by Nazi brothers who hated each other but had a share love for Hitler.

Bryan MQ says:

Bruh if you take away the herpes these would be fire! Fuck it looks bad with it

Elijahn Ritarita says:

Anyone else lowkey got Trypophobia cos this gave me goosebumps bruh

teknowafel sam says:

Puma POD system

Fort says:

The upper looks like they took NMDs and chopped them in half and then pulled a skecher move and made something similar to boost but called it something else similar. then stuck those two together. I don’t like it but I’m not hating.

sachin sharma says:

This triggered my trypophobia

chevader says:

the NRGY line is underrated af

JT Suarez says:

I’m an adidas nmd’s guy, but these look pretty damn good

XD says:

Ew no, those soles look gross.

tobasco sauce says:

The mid sole looks like it has a disease

The5GIO5 says:

Looks like a disease

IMC says:

I’m a puma fan I predicted they would become more prominent in the game and I jumped on there team this is pumas version of the Adidas BYW without primeknit

Souless King says:

The puma herpes hybrid lol

Hanzo Slayer says:

They look great but The spots give me a phobia

Rashed Khoory says:

They should’ve just colored the foam all the way instead of leaving the white spots.

Travis Bailey says:

Puma Pimple 1’s

Travis Bailey says:

I can’t get over it looking like pimples

Cristi41611 says:

nice shoe

David Evans says:

Evoknit is actually very good, I’ve got some Puma evotouch football boots(soccer) and they have an evoknit sock liner and it’s so soft and stretchy. I’m surprised they haven’t gone with that direction/NRGY that would rival Adidas boost/primeknit and flyknit and react

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