PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt Performance Review!

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Sahib Mann says:

When are u reviewing kyiry 5

Michael Liu says:

She’ll bite…

catron777 says:

Impact protection is on point. Ya’ll trippin.


5:25 master of transitions

RicoSuaVe says:

Looks like a shoe that gives u some height, if anything.

David Lane says:

New colour way on the adidas site. Black with purple sole

Dlories Rhymeswithglorious says:

Saque slayed has the kyrie 5

Renz Anthony Samson says:

This vs kd 11 pls!

Stein619 says:

Imagine thinking a shoe being squeaky means it’s got good traction….

sam rb says:

Someone needs to take a Dremel to that cupsole

Yvan Manabat says:

What should I buy for outdoor?Jordan 32 low or kobe mamba rage?

Spit On my Tiddies says:

Donnie tested the shoe but Sammy still did the review lmaooo

Charlize Gong says:

can you do a update on Kobe ad exodus solid rubber please

Gyet Wright says:

I swear y’all play on the dustiest court in the US

Timothy Lin says:

Damn the result cart are littttt!!!

Angel Garcia Jr says:

Bros. I know you all gotta test impact protection/absorption some how, but how about doing it by actually playing. Jumping and landing on your heels first or flat footed is doing your knees and back no favors. Hopefully this is not your guys actual body mechanics while training and playing.

Bruno Martins says:

I could buy these cauz I’m a Raps fan and Danny Green uses them but I’ve got no money XD

maracus wilkins says:

Underrated shoe review channel

grain sword says:

Where is the final score number for this shoe ?

Jed Myskowski says:

You need to so the new Westbrook it’s out on nike

Fat Trevor says:

I laugh every time he says “you’ll be wiping a lot”

Mark Ogner says:

Please, guys, get a mic.

Dennis Villanueva says:

Harden vol 3 vs CP 3 11 ?????????????

LUKE says:

does it basketball original puma clyde’s

Paul J says:

A mic would do wonders. U guys sound like you’re down a long hallway. Gotta turn up the volume, then the squeak tests blows my speakers lol.

Jv Leviste says:

I have a slightly wide feet. Would it be safe to say that I should get the same size that I get with Nike basketball shoes with knitted upper?

Ian Cuspinera says:

Bruh a couple reviews said that cushion and traction were cool. I will go with those two.

ryan vu says:

Y’all are so dull

purpp shurpp says:

please do doese it basketball air force 1 lows original the leather one not flyknit

Drvy-GetsSold says:

Can u guys make a video on braking in traction?

Nightcore IsMyLife says:

Puma should change the traction pattern & rubber compound so that can hoop it indoor & outdoor

Javier Perez says:

Sorry boys What the hell are u guys talking about

NYAN WIN says:

Do some give aways bros you guys are lit. And try to pronounce my name

Julio Velasco says:

I don’t know why Don even bothers being in the videos especially with Sam. He never talks and Sam will always monopolize the conversation

Josh Garcia says:

Love the vid. Keep it up guys!

Chase Chandler says:

I think the way of the Wade 7 is out

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