Puma FI Self-Lacing Sneakers Hands-On

With the upcoming release of Nike’s $350 Adapt BB, self-lacing shoes are set to become more commonplace, and Puma isn’t about to let its rival take all the credit. After all, the German company showed off its own self-lacing sneaker, the Autodisc, back in 2015 — around the same time as Nike’s iconic (and ultra rare) Mag before it evolved into the HyperAdapt. The only problem was the Autodisc just wasn’t practical enough to enter retail — it was too expensive, too heavy and could have been more comfortable. But that’s about to change with Puma’s latest creation, the Fi (pronounced as “F-I” aka “Fit Intelligence”).

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Chicago Anonymous says:

Can you use a Samsung app to?

Derelict1 says:

Can I get these same shoes w/o the motor tho? That’s the real question!

Nata Moiseeva says:

Horror is a sick generation of young people who are even too lazy to bend down and tie their shoelaces.

Soumen Panda says:

Can we return to the old numpad phones;cannot withstand these stoopid products and lazy apps

Suryansh Patel says:

When are auto wiping toilet papers coming out? OoOops we don’t use any around here in India…

Aneesh Kotru says:

When good old laces just arn’t good enough anymore LOL.

KungFuChess says:

Battery powered laces.. problem that didnt need to be solved.

peter ignacio says:

Where to buy that shoes bro and how much..thanks

Endymion says:

the fucking future is comming

GamingBuzz says:


Male Circuit 001 says:

Innovation??? I think it’s making human kind more lazy.

lasha k says:

Still looks like a pair bought at Walmart LOL

Yasin Rhodes says:

Pretty cool, very sleek design!

trytrustinmejc says:

Im glade there just proto types i was going to say they was plain ugly

pipi spartan says:

When it’s official releasing?

Johnny Arsoul says:

Atleast I don’t need to worry about stepping in dog crap with my shoes I got on now!

MajortheAtlantean 3RD90D says:

What in the hell is a pewma

Niyaz Nazar says:

good god, is it that hard to tie your laces?
wow…this video clearly proves the people in this world is getting lazier day by day. how pathetic.

Kris says:

Can’t wait for the robotic uprising of shoes and how they will stay attached to feet forever and ever.


Waste of time and money just get slip ons simples this is ridiculous thank god for vans

edwin dato says:

It would help with credibility if you take a minute and learn how to pronounce the word puma.

Hassam 616 says:

I need it where I can buy

MaliTech says:

…until the battery explodes

GamingBuzz says:


Putu Arrafi says:

Get some better jeans bro

brent fisher says:

this is so gay….

Red Eye says:

were did you find that shoe’s can you give the address

SATAN says:

I’ll just pay someone to tie my shoes for me

Hanafi Nasir says:

Yo dude why not testing run??.extra battery have??.

joshly johnson says:

I keep hearing pewma instead of puma or is it just me!?

Kris says:

yup one more “back to the future” idea became realistic

Brian Bhara says:

i need them

ThisIsTheEndPt2 says:

My laces don’t need recharging and the company can’t track me wherever I go, and I have more time to see things and not be consumed with my phone.

Kris L says:

This new future can blow me, im gonna tie my own shoes.

Princess Peach says:


Martis Sitram says:

I love idea to feel like “Iron Man” ? But i doubt that those shoes can take on real abuse/punishment … and for a 350$ i would expect some crazy resistant materials.

JOhn Doe says:

‘murica so far they can’t even lace their shoes anymore? There is a market for that? lul

Pujiyanto says:

It Will help obese people since tying shoes is hard to do

Joe Rubio says:

Pew mah

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