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AlexEngeR1 says:

where can i buy red puma glyde lite?

Football Tv says:

Love your videos man keep what you Do !! Love from Denmark

Victor Douglas says:

You are the best bro

HannesFS says:

My question is, are they better than the Nike elasticos for lowers in your opinion?

Neil Veira says:

How’s the durability? Do the soles wear out in only a few weeks like the elasticos?

Daniel Hollis says:

Got a pair recently, really great however I wound like to keep mine clean and im not sure what is the best way to do that?

Andres Cardenas says:

Primer comentario

paulmcgrathfs says:

How are they for sitdowns. Please reply.

Arnold SchawarzeNIGGER says:

how much they cost

Mehran jan says:

Could do a review on the Archive Lite please? 🙂

Jokas freestyle says:

Cool review, Macca! 🙂 It just has the information that is needed, great! Thinking of getting a pair of Puma sooner or later, but I’ll stick to my Nike Elastico Finale III until they’re completely done haha

CRis Malvin says:

And puma suede?

Amirul Asyraaf says:

between archive lite and glyde lite which one lighter and what the different between them?

Stephen Gray says:

Love it man, great review. They are definitely on my list to test and review too. Your sits are stupendous as well

James Blackler says:

+learn2freestlye Gazelles or Glydes?

Christian Ried says:

I still cant imagine them being so good for freestyle as I know them from bboying only haha but I definitly see a lot of guys training with them so they have to be great 😀


Great vid! I have the puma Brazil’s…are the glydes significantly better?

moon3036ev says:

I have a question that isn’t related to football but are these shoes good for footbag freestyle? Pls don’t hate me:(

Thien Pham says:

I want order to United States???

Jack Goodmen says:

do go to competitions?

bushgreen says:

What does shoe breathability mean? I thought we breathe with our mouths and noses.

jovany romero says:

So far i have only been using Puma brazil… And i feel like changing it up a little… Something confortable… Any thoughts anyone…

MichaelFreestyle01 says:

what about the red ones? seems it’s kinda impossible to buy this particular colour

Football Tv says:


Andreas Andersson Hansen says:

hey! how long does your puma shoes last for, before they are totally done? ☺

FancyFame says:

Can you make a video on ball sizes?
That would be awesome.

abusayed nazim says:

where did you buy them from?

NapsterFS says:

Just dropping in to say quality content bro 🙂

CFM _fs says:

Really good review! I’m curious if which one’s better the archive lite or the glyde lite. I love archive lite but I couldn’t test both so if anyone has experiment with both of them please share it.

kennyfree10 - Kenny Football Freestyler says:

This looks very good shoe !

Ivan Pozdnyakov says:

Hey, where do you get the music for your videos from? Is it license free?

Felixx Godart says:

Been waiting for this review for a long time. Really happy to see it pop up at a sudden time. Great review i own a pair of Puma Suede’s which are very very similar to the brasil’s so i’m probably gonna stick with Suede’s for a while. Really great shoe, very durable, they make basics very easy and the material make them in my opinion the best shoes for controlling combo’s. Great review once again. The NT combo’s where so smooth and beautifull. I’ve already trained today but after watching this video i think i’m gonna train again! 🙂 Would like seeing a Terrapass Sweden U-21 OMB review from you as it’s your fav. ball. So until then keep up the amazing work Mac!

Ivan Ivanov says:

Hey, I have the same but green.. I want to ask you.. Is there any difference between the balls i use to freestyle??

SEBB Freestyle says:

but the real question is….Glyde or Archive..? o.O

Dr. Hand von No says:

Really love your videos. Keep it up man. I ve got a question, how many hours do you practise a week/day?

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