Puma has Boost?! || Puma Mega NRGY Knit Review and On Feet

Got this sneaker when I was walking around my local outlet mall in Toronto Canada. I went inside the Puma store and found these sneakers sitting. It had a very familiar midsole, one that has been known and risen to fame the past year because of its revolutionary change in comfort by Adidas. That’s right, the midsole on this Puma sneaker looks exactly like the midsole on Adidas’ boost shoes. This midsole Puma is using is called NRGY, but will it live up to its name to battle it out with Boost? Watch this video!
Instrumental produced by Chuki (http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic)


D D says:

Could you review the new Puma Jamming runner?

Joao Martins says:

What about the durability of that outsole? It appears to be really thin

FilipinoKing says:

Umm yeah of course they had boost lmao

RedCouch ShoeReview says:

i found a grey pair @ dixie outlet mall i kinda like them but the “boost” did feel a bit differant

Kirk Dyer says:

Just picked these up and the Puma outlet in Toronto. Very comfortable, keeping in mind that I also have the ultra boost. At the price point it’s a steal

bleu says:

This fucking reebok classic leather ad makes me want to kill myself

Kenneth Gingco says:

Puma has the authority to use the boost, but has to be different in name.

Ken Liaaa says:

do not recommend the NRGY. i have a pair (model: NRGY Runner). the foam is way too firm and hard. Wore it two times for walking, and it wasnt comfortable at all with very little cushioning.

John Tapper says:

I would get these, but i like my ultra boosts and I don’t want to be called out for fakes.

TomC says:

They are nice

Ed L says:

Improve your English !. You sound chinese / vietnamese, and your grammar is off at times.

Cruz Florero says:

May have to pick up a pair.

fogaco Vitor says:

these look bad but i fuck with the function, would buy

multipl3 says:

About time puma started using real boost. Will definilty cop

Loser says:

Bruh I got an adidas ad before the video started lmao

Aj A. says:

Those look like ass

Mad AMV死 says:

Puma created boost first

RazR Freeze says:

I watched one of Hes kicks videos and he said they both got the same sole technology because they both worked with the same chemical or something like that group. Puma was actually there first but then adidas came in, saw the opportunity and released boost before puma. I heard lots of rumors and I don’t know anymore.

powermickey28 gaming e recensioni assagi says:

Puma was the first to use boost

Striding for Mental Health says:

did you really just say “irregardless”?!?!?!

DasMaurice HD says:

I have a US 10,5 with my atr ultra boost, what Size should i get with this Pair? Oh and with the atr ub i have a few mm room in the toebox Area.
Quick answers would be appreciated because i dont know about Puma sizing

Jank Paul says:

Puma did Boost first. Puma is underrated as hell and Adidas is overrated as fuck.

Alex says:

There were once 2 brothers. One named Adolf and one named Rudolf. Adolf founded Adidas and Rudolf founded Puma.

Shaquille O'Neal l says:

Upper kind of looks like pureboost 2017

Kevin Clanton says:

Puma should have just taken the L instead of releasing a product that looks like an imitation

LeBeautiful says:

How much are these…I’m copping these

WP says:

These are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on

Derek Otter says:

Puma had boost first

Todd Steward says:

Cheaper and better

DmitriSochlioukov says:

puma ignite better than boost

NawLZEE says:

I actually like these the look is a little more masculine. I assume the muted comfort is coming from the restrictive sole same story with the nmds and eqts

Laurenz Ternida says:

Looks great though..

Yu Lung Yip says:

Cant wait to get some puma suede with this sole

Russell Westbrook. says:

them junks sick yuh

The_Greatest Ever says:

Oh my God my pet peeve with shoes is when I see the glue that connects the midsole to the upper. Ugh I now hate these

PusdienlaikaŠovs says:

Puma actually had nrgy first

fruity says:

puma actually made boost before

Meeth the savage Kumar says:

Personally I think puma is for the people who are cheap buyers and like good quality’s but they don’t get it and so addias is better because they are good quality and they actually think about what they are doing

Leo Leung says:

Great review! Sounds like a great budget alternative to ultra/pure boosts.

Nick Doyle says:

Not to be picky, but BASF is pronounced B-A-S-F as if you were saying each letter individually instead of BASS-EFF .

Running Reviews says:

Order of boost like tech.
Adidas hasn’t even got the best use out of it. It’s too soft for running and too soft for walking in. It will give you problems years down the line for sue. Saucony has nailed it with a firmer package just ask any good runner.

GTD9002 says:

I would love to get that in black and grey!

Sovereign Hope says:

Adidas did not create boost. Its wrong to say ‘boost from adidas’

David Čech says:

I have them, amazing shoes for amazing price! 🙂

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