Puma Ignite Evo Knit is More Responsive than Adidas Boost

I definitely found the Puma Ignite Evo Knit surprisingly more responsive than Adidas boost, Its a different species in the same playing field. I did not want to compare them two, but its just what I do best. I still love Ultraboost, EQT Future boost, but being able to try Puma’s Ignite makes me happy that there are going to be more developments of different types of cushioning systems to help with the betterment of sneakers.

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Akira Kush says:

it would be so much better without those straps . i’d definetely cop these if they make it more low key

No Chill says:

I have gray/blue sock one and low white…their so comfy and dope #PumaNeedsHype

Sarthak Kokane says:

So would this be more comparable to the alphabounce?

Luis Rios says:

Running man

Manu Haikka says:

Cloud is better than spring

waterjewdoing says:

yeah i have a burgundy and grey pair that i got for like 30 each and i love them. theyre not as bounce as boost but theyre close. and theyre knit too for 60 for 2 when 1 burgundy boost costs hella its a no brainer.

Zhengyong Tan says:

Are these running or training

Josafat Song says:

best review EVER!!

KoyCat Productions says:

I woul buy it straight away if they would do an all black version. Sadly they don’t really have all black color ways

The Fluoride says:

Thanks for making this I like you’re content

Jaiwaan Singleton Geary says:

Apparently puma ignite limitless is very comfortable should do a review on those

Azew says:

Do they work nice on jeans ? Just wondering 🙂

Tyler Hobbes says:

Hey Billy, how would you compare ignites to alphabounces?

Wesley Savage says:

nice click m8 bate boost is tested its the sole with the most energy return

Monk Killedababy says:

I just got these for under 100$… I’m gunna be happy.

Mara Carr says:

Move To The google search And Type: *Couponsecrx* This is undoubtedly the only working adidas promo codes working these days. Dont waste your entire available free time on other coupon codes

Gabe Teatanium says:

3:15 every night I think of u~

mohammed shoeb says:

Which is better Ignite Evoknit or Puma Nrgy?

matt tanner says:

omg he visualized me!!! i just got visualized!!!! HAHA… For real though it sounds cool to say “you just got visualized” I get it its a play on his screen name. That said in reality all that means is He pictured in his mind what the viewer looks like. Kinda goofy when you think of it that way. Imagine if he said, “I just imagined what you look like” doesn’t have the same ring to it lol. For real though I’m just messing around bro, nice video and thanks for the info as I was already looking at these pumas in the lows (the red ones). Was still on the fence but after seeing this video and knowing the shoe is only 80$ and i know how i can get a 20% discount on them how can you go wrong for 64$?? Will be buying a pair here in just a few mins actually. I usually buy jordans (i’m not a sneaker head by no means). I saw some nice ones for 130, they wren’t retros obviously but i liked the look. Now i’m going to wait though and see how i like these first.

sregi22 says:

I have these with the black souls, and the En Noir collab! The En Noirs are my favorite shoes to date, but oh man! These are comfortable!

Mark Meier says:


Average Student says:

One question, won’t those ankle collar sock get saggy after wearing a lot?

XsaladaPlay says:

where buy this?

Josh says:

Boost has more absorption with a thicker sole, of course the feedback will take longer. Try jumping in a pool and then jump flat face on concrete and see which feedback you get faster.

HomerAlert says:

what pant is he wearing?

Weldon G says:

Could this be the golden age of puma?

justloltbh says:

are all ignite soles the same? there seems to be three diferrent designs
are the characteristics the same?

BodyRights says:

Am I stupid or do these not look ALOT LIKE YEEZYS???

Carl-kristian Knudsen says:

I ordered them about a week ago. They will arrive soon 😀

No Chill says:

One problem with this shoe is the outsole wearing out or it starts to crack/come off

Fehzan Ahmed says:

What do you expect ? The founders of both Puma and Adidas were brothers..

Alex Gobin says:

What kind of pants do you wear with these pumas? Just sweat/track pants? Or skinny jeans to?

Joseph Ward says:

I bought the black ones because of this video. Did not dissapoint.

mohammed shoeb says:

Bro please review Reebok Floatride

Spira VB says:

Should I get these or the hypernature version? Are they the same just different colors?

Xander Immroth says:


LiveFromMars says:

yes the shoes are nice, but your glasses tho! where can i find them?

Gael Granados says:

i just bought these beauties at ross for 43 bucks

Zarrow says:

Can you run with the shoes?(run for a long distance)

Uli Peterson says:

usually iam not a fan of the overall design of puma shoes.
but these shoes are growing on me, but i dont know why. 🙂
i like them.

teknowafel sam says:

Try Nike Zoom

User2278 ML says:

Puma is an awesome brand and it’s really funny how people talk about puma like it’s the new kid on the block when is one of the older brands out there and one with a solid technology development with no doubt!
Puma and onitsuka tiger are best for me !!!

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