PUMA IGNITE running shoes review. These are some of the best running shoes on the market (as of the date of this video). For the price (updated pricing via link below), I think they should be on your list of shoes to check out.

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Cosmo Hills says:

Are these still gods shoes in 2016

Ken Phillips says:

I love the color tested.  How do Puma fit compared to Adidas Boost?  I tried some ESM Boost and felt they were too narrow and had to go up a full size just to accommodate the width.  My feet are not wide.

Peter Huang says:

great review man, to be honest. i just wondering how does this shoes perform compared to the adidas boost in cushioning. i read they blend PU for the ignite, so does it make this a rival to the boost? 

Mtoker68 says:

love your feet and the way these look on your feet

Maria Moreno says:

would they be fine for cross country ?

delarosafamily says:

Puma Ignite or UA speedform Apollo?


To Riccardo, yes. They are just fine for half marathon, quarter marathon, etc.

Hugo Sanchez says:

update me on how they feel now??

Marcus Millar says:

Are they good for sprinting or just jogging? 🙂

Joshuah Perez says:

would you say that these run narrow or wide?

anand varghese pothen says:

nike lunar glide8 or puma ignite…which one is better for running outside? which one has softer sole?

jerold paler says:

Are they good for marathons and everyday use?

Gamaliel Oliver Espinoza González says:

emmm and de sparck? y las chispas? o_o que mentira XD

Mtoker68 says:

when you’re done w/ them , can I buy them off you ? I like to collect shoes…

status yodan says:

did i click on a tech video?

Twiggy the lizard says:

Exactly what I needed to hear,because now I know I’m buying them just not blue and pink. Great review,thanks.

Hendrik Sy says:

Do you have any plans on reviewing Puma’s functional fitness shoe, the Pulse XT? I love the value for money you get with Puma!

TAU says:

Im a heterosexual male.. But damn youre handsome 😀

Kyanlikethepepper says:

Can you do a puma ignite vs the blue under armour shoes. Thanks. 😉 

Joshua Tree says:

I was in the shop today but I did not feel the bounce, maybe it is because I weigh 94 kg… but it really felt like a flat shoe to me personally… I normally run on Altra and they are 10 times more bouncey and comfortable in the toe area

Yusuke FuryRoad says:

that willy wonka colorway…

SaltyLemonade says:

I actually like the colors

Joseph Raymond says:

Can you do a review on the pro knit version of the ignite

Danimal The Animal says:

I actually really love the colorway, I am biased because purple is my favorite color.

Vincent Du says:

How are they holding up now Jeff?


very nice review man, im glad you talked about the performance of the shoe, and gave actual feedback after you used the product for a few days, it seems that other reviews just say price, color, and technology, everything that i can find on their site haha

Riccardo Jommi says:

I like each your reviews and I love this shoes 😀
Do you think that they are good for almost each kind of running right ?
I mean like half a marathon or just a quarter of it right ?

chaossniper0 says:

How would these compare to the Energy Boost 2

LockerDope says:

Does it really IGNITE?

kralf says:

are they good for a long distance? so more than 10 kilometers?

Brennan Bowyer says:

Usain bolt runs in these. Nuff said

John C Berry says:

man i totally love those shoes, well i don’t own a pair ha-ha but i want to get them asap.
My question is: how do you think they fit? tight or lose?, i mean, do you think i have to get them exactly my number (i’m size 9) or should i get them half bigger i case they are kinda like tight, or half smaller than my size? 

i ask this because recently i bought a pair of “Nike’s lunar-glide 6” size 9, but they fit in me a bit lose, like they were 9.5!! and sometimes it feels like my foot might slip inside a just a bit, i previously owned a pair of “Nike free run 5” size 9 and they fit perfect.

thanks a lot for your review tho! XD

Redrun says:

I have a question… I bought this shoes like 1 week ago and at first they were great, the foam thing felt really great as if i was running in the sky.
But after some use (i go to run everyday) now they feel normal, i mean like normal shoes, the foam doesnt feel the same, it feels like it became smaller, and i dont feel like running in the sky anymore…
Why the foam became smaller so fast?
Also how can i make it bigger as it was before? :s

Frank Zapata says:

Nice Video’s sir.
do you notice any difference between the ignite and ignite pwrcool.

XxSniperCraft says:

Is the puma ignite running shoes comfortable, are they lightweight like the Nike free RN shoes and also would you recommend these shoes for,daily use like walking and jogging? I also have noticed there is much more colour configurations and different models of the puma ignite, which one would you recommend?

Hobby Vaptor says:

My previous pair of Puma lasted me 5 years just for 10 minute dog walking in the morning. Last pair lasted 1 year , material broke apart, soul worn out. Great quality shoes LOL.

MrCupcake says:

I’ve used the IGNITE’s for two weeks now. Love them. Ordered a second pair so that I can run indoors as well. Earlier I’ve used Nike Free 5.0, and this feels a lot better to run in. 

Would love to hear your opinion on how they are over time. And how often you’ll need to buy new.

Erik Nyberg says:

Great review. You said they’re only made for the road but how would they fare on a 50/50 distribution of gravel and pavement?

ABC 123 says:

They look super cool on usain bolt lol

Jesse Cheng says:

Which is better? The adidas ultra boost or the puma ignite?

Ryan Whalley says:

I was wondering how these would be for indoor use (home workouts) do you think they would grip well on floors? etc.

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