PUMA MADE THEIR OWN SUPERFLY! – Puma 365 evoKNIT Netfit Indoor – Review + On Feet

Not quite a Joma Champion Max situation, but definitely something along the lines of what we see on the Nike Mercurial Suiperfly 5 with the introduction of a familiar looking collar on Puma’s latest indoor! Is it a copy, I don’t think so. If anything, I’d say that this is one of the more unique indoor models out there right now, with a pretty reasonable price tag as well! Would you wear them?

Puma 365 EvoKNIT Netfit Indoor Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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Aaron Brewer says:

Puma should make a grizi indoor, I would buy it

Akinlolu Fatunmise says:

Could u please try the invisible lace hack with Predator 18.1, 18.2 and 18.3?
If u could that would be great, Thanks.

Great video by the way

ramosednava says:

I feel like I just want to wear these not only for soccer but in my daily like too

ENERG1ZER14 says:

Can you do a review on the magista onda 2 Indoors?

Harry Cocking says:

It would look better with a different colour way

Finn Bálor says:

is there a Turf version from this shoe too????

Victor Lezama says:

I actually really like this shoe. I’m not a big fan of shoes with collars or even hi tops if we were talking about sneakers but I think it definitely looks good. The colorway and just the overall design looks great the only thing I would change is the size of the branding on the collar.

Geometry Dash Trexii says:

Josh, do you prefer the Hypervenom Phelon II or Phelon III? Personally, I really like the Phelon II’s feel and touch on the ball since it kinda feels like a leather boot. I’ve kinda wanted to try out the Phelon III, and I wanted your opinion.

Messi 10 says:

They are ok it could be better

joel pethick says:

What boots do you generally wear in football matches?

Zonda says:

I’m not a fan of the collar but I’m a fan of the sock in the shoe

miked104 says:

The colors are nice

Cian O Callaghan says:

Toe-box = primemark sock
Mid-foot = magista obta 1
Collar = a pair of underwear

Manju Singh says:

As always great video josh

rosj190 says:

Hey josh, just a quick question. I got a pair of superflys in the AG variation. Is it possible to play with them on FG or would they not provide enough traction?

Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας says:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Duke_ custom says:

Hey Josh! 🙂
Are they available in a TF version as well? Thanks! 😉

Gabriel Tello says:

What does he mean by the shoe being responsive?

Nathaniel Pi-Sunyer says:

Nice Color way, looks comfortable, Puma branding ruins it all. Thank you for the review!

Segma Football Warehouse says:

Looks better without the collar.

miked104 says:

Do you think it’s a durable shoe?

Frosted Knight says:

I am currently a size 5 and was wondering for any tips on how to get high end soccer cleats since I am technically still in kids size (I’m 14)any ideas? Thanks josh

Negster says:

On more of your reviews you should go out and test the boots/indoors etc and take shots

Meh Meh says:

Hey Josh, which do you prefer, adidas x tango 17.3 indoor or puma 365 CT Ignite indoor (not the evoknit version)? Am looking for comfortable shoes for shooting and acceleration. Thanks

miked104 says:

At what point is it mid-cut and not high tops?

Lewis says:

Looks fine to me, nice to see hopefully nike not dominating all the patents. I for one always like to see puma doing well, I feel like they are always going to struggling hustling against the big two. Sock like collar = competition against nike + Adidas!

Gangsta thomas says:

Is it me or the sock looks likes like the pink logo

James Murphy says:

Looks like my feet are wearing undies

Batfan 92 says:

Bring back when you jump out of frame afte the on feet portion of the video

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Are you a fan of the collar?

Anthony Laruffa says:

i actually really like this product

Darmawan says:

Josh do you think its better to buy current takedown or previous top tier?

Unknown Name says:

Copa tango 17.1 indoor review pleease

Jamie Gatt Floridia says:

What’s up with the t-shirt

Basha A says:

Puma is for sure #1 brand of 2017… evopower vigor , puma futures, and both these and their low cut model are not only innovative, but affordable and reasonably priced for excellent quality.

Jakobey 0400 says:

That collar looks hilarious. It looks like someone thought they would make that top part of underwear out of a sock
Also looks bulky af

Ben D'Alessandro says:

It’s is a nike mercurial proximox 1 with the netfit

Javan Chan says:

just got these, the band in between the forefoot and midfoot area is very noticeable and for wide feets, the band is very restrictive. Returned immediately. Apart from that the boot itself doesn’t really have much problems, upper is very soft and the sole is very flexible.

GameplayFy says:

Lmao your intros are the best hahaha

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