PUMA Netfit Lite review – better than the Archive Lite freestyle shoe?

PUMA 365 Netfit Lite freestyle shoes review – the best freestyle shoes ever made? In today’s episode, we get one of the best freestylers in the world, PWG, to review the brand new PUMA Netfit Lite, made to be the best freestyle shoe you can buy right now. To date, PUMA have already made what is widely regarded as the top freestyle shoe out there, the PUMA Archive Lite, but with the introduction of the Netfit technology, PUMA firmly believe that they’ve taken the Archive Lite a step up with the PUMA 365 Netfit Lite freestyle football shoes – and that’s what we’ll look at in todays review. Made with the same rubber outsole as seen on the Archive Lite freestyel shoes, the new PUMA Netfit Lite is good both for freestyle football and street footballers who play panna. To look more into that, PWG reached out to his friend from Copenhagen Panna House, Kristoffer Liicht, who’s one of the best panna players in the world. He absolutely LOVES the PUMA Netfit Lite, and the introduction of the heel counter and the Netfit technology. PWG is a bit more sceptical as freestyle footballers need more mobility, but he likes the outsole, the mesh upper and the Netfit technology. Is is in truth the greatest freestyle football shoe though? Watch our review and find out.

GET YOUR PUMA NETFIT LITE FREESTYLE SHOES HERE: https://www.unisportstore.com/football365/puma-365-netfit-lite-freestyle-blackwhite/172570/

GO CHECK OUT LIICHTS CHANNEL AT PANNA HOUSE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/StreetTutorials

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Gurkirat singh malhi says:

Bro send me your channel link for insta

Arturo Sabando says:

Are the puma suedes also one of the best freestyle shoes?

Alfonso Salzar says:

Son buenos los videos suyos pero deberian tratar de subtitular en español


pwg send some skills

Legendary Pokémon Expert says:

Hey can you put a vedio on some more beginners skills

Technical tushar tyagi says:

Pwg nice video

WOlf 2M says:

Well done guys I really like it

SiJiN A says:

Love you pwg


uff so nice shoes

Girish Daga says:

Pwg is real rude

Anubhav Dubey says:

Need a review on the Nike vapor 12 club MG.. I wanna see if it’s a good boot or not.

MS7 says:

this is really nice!

Daniel Ao says:

Yo Phil! What if Puma introduces the Archive Lites? AGAIN?!!!! Would it dominate the market?

lol says:

Can u guys do review on Nemeziz tango 17.4 pls?

Frederik Mikkelsen says:

Does anyone noes when Nike is gona release a new pack

Joanne Lee says:

Teach us how to juggle

Black Mamba says:

Hey PWG can u make a video on heel juggles?

M.M.S m.m.s says:

Long ball tutorial

Keith S says:

For PWG: Where can you find he archive lite in stock? I can’t find them anywhere and it seems you have a lot of them?

Othman k says:

Can you make a glove review

Memo Lower says:

pwg excelente but i still prefeer archive pumas, í Really dont like the socks in shoes, maybe for football its good but for lowers i think isnt good!! anyway, great vídeo bro!!!!!

Tarun Purunjay says:

I have an addidas superstar shoe

Fardin Sarwar says:

This lools awesome as hell and would lool awesome on me

Kaylin Kaylin says:

Nice background

Technical tushar tyagi says:

How to convert language in hindi

Enrique Zarate says:

what soccer ball is that ?

mjthecap says:

YO PWG has anyone ever mentioned or mistaken you for Runze Hao, a famous Chinese ex footballer Haidong Hao’s son? YOU LOOK LIKE TWIN BROTHERS!!

Heyiamyo Hey says:

What’s the name of the ball and brand?

Maadd Ibrahim says:

will this be available in unisport?

Danny Villamizar says:

updated video on top 10 indoor/street soccer shoes?

learn2freestyle says:

It’s really great that Puma acknowledged the freestyle communities love for the achive lites by bringing this shoe out! The laces look genius. I’ll probably pick up a pair in the future!

WizzBoi !!! says:

The best freestyling shoes are just going barefoot barefoot is so much more good

Irsyadcoolboy says:

Finally…this review is made

Darryl Lobo says:

Can u make a video on Gareth bale skills and dribbling

Den Bezuhlyi says:

hhhh, looks nice

Alex Cid says:

not gonna lie, I think this release from puma was completely unnecessary for what they were going for, they wanted to get a brilliant freestyle shoe out on the market for people to be able to buy again. But in reality, a new release was not needed, it would’ve been better for puma to just put the puma archive lite back in stock and go back to making more of them. The response obviously would’ve been much better, #IFITAINTBROKENDONTCHANGEIT

Dennis Dennis 2 says:

The only problem with archive lite is that it is difficult to find it in stock… So… This might be a good suggestion

Omerul Farooq says:

How play like greizmann tutorial

Vasudha Raghavendra says:

Can you send me the price of the shoes and boots in Indian money

Hebron Justin says:

Come on give me a free boot unisport asking for last 5 videos give a reply will continue this request till I succeed

Hakimi Peace says:

Hidup Melayu

Aryan Ahmed says:

Idk whether it’s just with me but like my freestyle goes on an another level when I use my converse or vans which is extremely weird !!!

Ethan Viglione says:

Classic Vans with suede toe and heal beats most other shoes for freestyle imo. Plus they just last longer and are super grippy on the ball.

Baustellenschild says:

I dont like these Netfit Ties and the look of the shoes. So i prefer the Archive Lite

Harry fam says:

Puma suede is my favourite freestyle shoe

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