Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review on the recently released Puma RS-X Toys in the Men’s and Kids version.

Thanks for watching!!!


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ST P says:

Cute couple!!!!!

Michael Lesko says:

Hey nightwing, just need to mention this, but the saturation in this video is so crazy high that its kind of strange to look at

DnAkicks says:

42 EUR What’s the CM?
I’m 27.5cm (9.5US – 8.5UK) but can do 27 in few models and 28 > not desirable but, you know the drill… You can’t always get your actual size due to mainly the hype.

Rob Li says:

Finally a face to the voice! Love that Mrs is on more now! Great reviews together!!

patrick pilla says:

Y it is more entertaining when mrs.wing is in the video

Raka Gemma says:

yeaaah!! the toys, are more towards the color ways story =)

erggy88 says:

Puma is awesome!

Muhammad Fajar says:

I love it when both of you guys features in a video.. more of that,please.. ✌️

Tom Tom says:

Hot wheels collab is fire.

sb632 says:

Great vid as always. Nice to see the family involved in vids recently. Mrs. Wing should do a review on her favorite running shoes.

Mike Santos says:

thank you for reviewing them.. they are in demand in the PH now so an honest review from ur family is greatly appreciated. happy holidays!

MIXTEAM94 says:

Just got these

Taylor Smith says:

The “Toys” concept is split up in two different concepts. There are these “Toys” which are more general releases inspired by the textures and colors of the 90’s and the toys that 90’s kids grew up with. The second “Toys” concept are actual collaborations with toy companies who were prominent in the 90’s, such as the Hot Wheels, Transformers, etc., collabs.

HHS Newspaper says:

Is this her first time actually on camera? I’ve been enjoying the interaction and her commentary on videos lately. Way to keep it fresh. Also glad you’re reviewing something other than basketball shoes. Thanks for working hard.

Sham Ramachandran says:

These are not Puma ‘DAD’ sneakers. That will be Puma Thunder Spectra. Like you said Puma is killing it with sneakers. I bought 3 pairs of RS-0 coz those sneakers are so damn comfortable. Really really looking forward to getting these ones.

MarioNotBros says:

Sold me on the shoe, I think it’s gonna be my next pickup, love it!
Also love seeing Mrs. Wing on the channel more and more. Have fun at Disneyland guys. <3

Clan Trending says:

So fire

HaSTe_oNe says:

$110 for men is kinda steep.. they should be the $89 bucks

Darko Fuštar says:

It’s awesome to see you both in the frame, guys. Have a blast in Disneyland.

Brendan Quinn says:

Give us a Spider-Man into the spiderverse movie review!!

Mathieu Duval says:

Dude did you called yourself a dumbass or your wife is a dumbass…..i really hope you said that about yourself!!!

jim Tierra says:

Puma is really doing a great comeback 🙂

umbrellaman08 says:

I think Nike = marketing agency aka every sneaker needs a story behind a product, Adidas = innovation and quality, Puma = underrated & great price point.

SpaceFlare says:

Been keen on these since I saw them announced but I’ve bought too many shoes in the past 2 months! So I’ll see what I think about them in a couple of months time

Khmerog1 says:

lol @ Mrs. Nightwing2303…”20 minutes and it goes away” because her toes are numb and dead by then? I will go with my EUR size instead of US size. Thanks Nightwing2303 I am now ready to order my pair.

la4sho23 says:

Cool colab vid with the misses..I wish my old lady was into kicks at least a little bit lol

Mike Mancuso says:

Great video! I’m looking forward to the transformer version of that shoe. Enjoy Disney!

RoMee says:

Got the hot wheels version of this shoe, it’s way better then my wave runner.

Kobby Fofie says:

Have you worked up the nerve to performance review the Adidas next level

Adrian Rosario says:

Love the shoe now even more after your review. Quick question, what brand are the joggers in the gray color way were you rocking in the beginning?

Sal says:

meme shoes for children

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