Puma THUNDER DESERT Review! Best lowkey DAD SHOE?

The Puma Thunder Desert release today and they are a fresh pair of dad shoes! Now you don’t need to be a dad shoe to wear these so that’s pretty dope lol. What are your thoughts on the Puma Thunder Deserts do you like them more than the Puma Thunder Spectras?

Buy the Puma Thunder Desert here: https://bit.ly/2KCactX

Puma Thunder Spectra Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lJYqVfUBrU
JAPAN VLOGS – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmj0ISewa6AO5d0LlJf17X7x9Worw8a4f

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Potato says:

notification gang !!

Steve - CSGO says:

Yeezy blush lol

*FOOL* says:

These shoes still look ugly my opinion pliz dont hate

Metal head bro yoeward says:

Ha ha 22 you are all better then me

Rei Rei says:

Yeezy 500 desert rat x Balenciaga triple S hydrid

ThAtKiD JorG3? says:

Go hard

DeeJay4403 says:

I like the puma thunder desserts cuz its more toned down …. more solid colorway

CC TV says:

This was a cringey review

RenagadeGamer101 says:

Notification Gang!!!!

Edgy memes for Edgy teens for Edgy screams says:

These are way too similar to the yeezy 500s, puma knew what they were doing

Joseph hill says:

Cool review I think they not for me

noah sanez says:

puma thunder spectra is legit my fav sneaker of 2018!!!

JDKicks says:

this colorway is very clean


Bruh u is the best YouTuber are u going to play Fortnite tonight

robert mccormick says:

It’s definitely a clean colorway!

Palak Gandhi says:


Valkendary says:

Wish I could buy but I just bought shoesss

shutup clapped says:


DeeJay4403 says:

But i still am messing wit the puma thunder spectra i like that they look like those balenciagas more affordable but not anything i would wear

Kyle Burke says:


dexter tan says:

Notification gang

Ooh Khalif says:

✔️ The puma thunders look waaaay better then the triple s’s and are even better looking than the wave runners. These dad shoes are actually wearable

Brian Gliboff says:

Notification gangg

Anikin Rodriguez says:


James Hazelwood says:

First comment

Damian Cady says:

Puma Thunder series > Yeezy Waverunners

Joshua Wylie says:

YE, first eskeetiit

Bomber says:

O O F late notification gang!

lil McChicken says:

U be narrating

Frederico Canelas says:

serious flames on the thunders! one of my fav vloggers right here, keep em comin bro we out here. also these would look better on you with wider pants man, they look weird with slim tight pants, like clown shoe vibes

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