Today I’m reviewing the Puma Thunder Spectra! The Puma Thunder is a new silhouette from Puma to attract the attention of the dad shoe buying market. The Puma Thunder Spectra features a multicolor upper, premium leather and suede accents and comes in at a $120 retail price point. The dad shoe look has attracted hype beasts and the hypebeast markets because of its recent resurgence do to people like Kanye West and his Adidas Yeezy 700 Wave Runner. Check out my review to learn more!

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Andrew Oransky says:

“I really like the way it looks”

John Minah says:

Yeah it’s the best ‘dad shoe’, but the whole trend is still straight trash.

Josh Lewis says:

Those green pants you wearing look whack with these. Otherwise, decent shoe.

Brandon Frances says:

Comfort level?

Gabriel Bocciardi says:


Clark Grizwald says:

What’s the background song?

Leo Aquino says:

This is a fashion trend we’ll look back on 10 years from now and just laugh. Sorry.

Shaun Cassidy says:

Seth, I wear size 8 in NMD, 8.5 in Yeezy. 9 in Jordan 3. What’s your suggestion for my sizing in these? I’ve never worn Puma so I have no idea.

J-Tmax says:

What kind of pants is Seth wearing during the on foot shots

Daddy Topi says:

Love the Model but dont dig the CW. Ive seen some other CWs to come, those gonna be dope son !

AoMaRu_Kx says:

I like the video review,the editing, well all the work done Seth, but not fan of these type of shoes at all …. They really look like supermarket sneakers to me .. But most important is you to enjoy what you buy, just my opinion, keep up the great work.

Jeff De Paz says:

Alexander McQueen inspired silhouette but very fire for the summer great video bro!

Chaos Theory says:

Going for the dad shoe look, but on-feet it still looks kinda sleek ngl. Def one of the best dad shoe silhouettes out there

Baltsu says:

this was the most anticipated sneaker this spring. I was wondering why you didn’t put it on your sit or sell -list? Here it was not possible to buy, no stores carry Pumas. I really like the colorway! I must say that the dadshoe term is pathetic. I think that somehow the hoodie guys try to make fun of people who like stylish shoes 😉

jr4chargers says:

Very ugly shoes. Just like any other dad shoe. lol

Connor Horne says:

so fire


Please go check out Mizuno Wave Rider Phoenix Highsnobiety!! Dope dad shoe

Darius says:

It reminds me of Yeezy 700 and Balenciaga Triple S, but it looks way more better.

Emiliyan Yankov says:

More like GRANDPA shoe, imma skip this hype train.

mac los says:

Honestly I got to say the only reason I don’t like the shoe is just because it doesn’t have boost if it had to be with the it’s a nice shoe I like the look I wanted to yeezy 700s but obviously I don’t have a boots like everybody else does so I couldn’t get it but with all that said it’s a nice shoe I just wish you had boost

FootGamDive Experiments says:

Am I the only one that hates the “dad shoes” ?

Brogan Marcotte says:

Crazy dad!!!!!

Dean Cornwell says:

been waiting for this, nice one Seth.

天パーマン says:

I’m blue ,too
And searching for orange ones

Heart And Sole says:

I want to get a pair of these. I liked them the moment i saw them. Waiting on that restock though. Nice review as always

Evan G says:

Like the shoe

larry flores says:

Nope, Nope, Nope!  The only kind of dad I see wearing these would be the ones that still rock the fanny pack.  NOPE!!

Rieki Sipoetra says:

I’m agree with you, this is the best looking shoe in terms of Bulky Dad Shoe trends

tonyforest 99 says:

Yeezy 700 are more better

Emil Fernandez says:

I’snt available in the Philippines?

Ham Sadwitch says:

I want a pair in black and orange

Joey Simon says:

looks like the 700 and monarch’s aborted child

nycmanowar says:

I really want these. .but if you checkout the other Puma thunder colorways from off reddit. ..I NEED the grey and white ones..also with the yellow neoprene panel..with the red underneath the laces and the black n white midsole with the gum bottom! Looks like it has a hit of teal on the mid too..n black Puma pull tags..soooo crazy. Hope its a summer release

Arttu Oikarinen says:

Eqt 93/17? I know its not that much of an dad shoe but they rock

Julian potatoe says:

Shoes sold out in the UK, sellers are struggling to make a profit on resale. Plenty available on eBay including “Make An Offer” listings.

Zaki Qalandar says:

Let’s see how many times he said “BLACK”

Henry Truong says:

nice hoodie man 🙂

MultiRayman98 says:

Seth before the video ….. alright let me just grab my ugliest pants before I record

Jaiwaan Singleton Geary says:

Man puma prices are really good at the moment and I think these shoes looks ok better than yeezy 700’s tbh and there not super hyped like the Yeezys

Kevin DeSouza says:

Finalllyyyy. A good review. Thanks Seth

Ok rape you next week says:

I’d love to have a pair of these tbh

Matt Heaney says:

Puma has definitely come up from what their were a couple of years ago. I do admire what their are doing with their shoes.

Dustin 1996 says:

Thats a W for Puma.

Lizo Joseph says:

Dude I love waverunner than spectra but after watching this video this might change my thoughts

The Anonymous Mobile Gamer says:

Liking the new intro music!
My advice would be to always rotate your intro music every day

Jacopo Carboncini says:

I like these a lot!

Kieran Schafer says:

Looks like 500 Rat and 700 had a baby

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