Puma XO Parallel Triple Black REVIEW and On-Feet

The PUMA XO Parallel! One of the best releases in 2017 in my opinion. This is my review of The Weeknd’s first signature shoe! What are your thoughts of the Puma XO Parallel! Let me know in the comments!
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Nikola22 says:

Where can i find the pants you wore at the end of the video?

Ni Kto says:

nice review, please track id in the end? 🙂

Justin Xie says:

My box came the exact same way from Urban Outfitters. Emailed them about it and never got a response.

Adrian Portillo Garcia says:

Sold out where? I just copped them on shoebacca for 55 USD

homebody. says:

lately ive been liking Pumas

Tom Pantaleo says:

they defo look better laced higher up tho

Tate TV says:

nice vid but i think they are a drop for me

annavilinsky says:


Ahmed Raza says:

really nice shoes. one of the best from puma and in general from all major brands.

Andrew Badway says:

How do pumas normally run? I normally wear between 11.5 and 12 in most shoes and I’m not sure what the best fit for these boots would be.

Spinning Wenis says:

What kind of sketchers do you recommend?

Victor Murillo says:

Dislike gang where you at? Lol

Sage69 says:

These are nice. Probably the only colorway I’ll buy.

Ramen Life says:

Misty though…

Amman Chuhan says:

Aint nobody like Kanye no more

Franchise97 says:

Where you get those jeans

Got That Game says:

I want this color way so bad lol, have the white ones and they are nice asf !

Vhalds Buzar says:

Dont worry there’s only 11 dislikes atm hahaha

sparta2331 says:

Are they true to size? Half size up? Half size down?

Marlon says:

I wanted to Cop but they didn’t sell them in my country :'( XO

Hilsson Angeles says:

I think I like the nike SF AF highs better in the triple black colorway. But these are nice too

Hunter Wennerstrom says:

Drop. Just not a fan of pumas sneakers

Tanner Rozum says:

put my new yeezys in the WASHING MACHINE it worked so well check out my video!

akaEight says:

| SneakerTalk

Malaka Mike says:

Hey, Sneakertalk. Please let Richard read this message.

Remember the guy who walked into your store on Boxing Day with that “brick” – as you put it – of a Bape/Champion shirt? Well I traded it for a Supreme/Scarface movie poster tee. I really wanted that shirt from the moment it released. I just want to thank you for changing your mind after you said you’d help me out. So much for a brick of a shirt, huh?

Tony Trinidad says:

I think I would cop just cuz I like high top shoes and they look pretty good

UnspokenGam3r says:

Bro could you buy me shoes?

Jeff Delgado says:

Looks better than the Yeezy boost 750!

egodeath2007 says:

aye aye aye great video, uve ever been to nomad shop at queen street w?

Иван Марков says:


VentusMaster says:

I personally went TTS and they fit perfectly, so I would advise anyone who wants to cop to try them on first

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