Rihanna Fenty Trainer Puma X Review w/On Foot!

My First Rihanna Sneaker And I Have To Say Its A Win!


Bella Di Salvo says:

i have the same ones but in rose gold

Gloria Sarp says:

the extended tongue so freaken original love it

TechMe0ut says:

These are hot!!!

Wolston Wirdos says:

Mine didn’t come with a bag why is that?

hawk24fit says:

I saw a fitness chick on snap who had these. then looked it up and it’s a girl shoe. I’m like tf. they gotta have a men version. men shoes, we get jipped in that department. unless you wanna spend 200 lol. but these are nice. I like the shoe part the most

Antonio Andrews says:

Is there a way to tell when the next time the shoe will be available or do you have to keep checking yourself?

Denise LeBlanc says:

Im confused who made these Rihanna or kylie

MyGravista says:

I also copped these and have to pick them up in store But I’m scared they won’t fit well cause my foot isn’t that narrow. Do they fit snug or do you have to have a narrow foot ?

Urānus Nëptunus says:

is it only for women?

Oh Yeah says:

Nice shoe but that music tho..didnt know if I was watching a shoe review or playing zelda!

Minnie Me says:

Are they true to size?

octavia agyei says:

what side shoe are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

TiffanyMeez k says:

They look exactly like the ones I have but they’re Kylie’s.

XxNikeShanxX says:

I just got these and i love them

frank wayne says:


Candy Kahn says:

Hi. I read that you bought a 7.5 size. I usually wear size 8 and wondering about buying a 7.5. Is there space in the 7.5 or does the red pair size 8 that you have fit better? Also when you removed the soles, does the shoes feel differently? Thanks

Lawson Draper says:

nodding, proud, as a fan real talk

NS RobinHood says:

Kylie totally ripped these off. Riri’s are nicer in my opinion, but the Fierce is cheaper

trooperJJP says:

I’m a dude and I think I’m gonna cop these. I wear a lot of black so I think I’ll rock the black color. In my opinion they’ll look dope on all genders.

ladyred1129 says:

dope af

Air Trafficking says:

Nice pickup . My homegirl will not leave me alone about getting her these..dope review

Tiara Joran says:

Where did you buy these

Ahmed Mostafa says:

are they also for men or only women

Urānus Nëptunus says:

is it only for women?

hestleg says:

These are nice! Dope pickup!

R.soles For sale says:


Kirsten And Carol says:

I like them…..but I’m very frugal so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing ♡♡♡♡♡ Maybe one day though because I do love Rihanna!

johnnetta johnson says:

I really like those I will definitely be getting a pair of those

NappstarTv says:

nice video I got the black ones first too as well think I’m going for the Grey ones next I got pretty small feet for a male so they fit me sweet

Michael Jimenez says:

They look ahead of their time. Like a lot of people will hate right now but it’ll be a classic one day

Laterice Starr says:

Do you sale your shoes on Mercari or ebay

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