The Best Dad Shoe Yet?! Puma x Transformers RS-X, Unboxing & Review

These are some of the coolest dad sneakers I’ve unboxed as of late!
Check Out the RS-Xs:—men-s/37070102.html

MUSIC by Tony Neek$:

SNAPCHAT: Mr.PaulCantu

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Kac Moh says:

Thise so imazing

Lilsavage 856 says:

Paul is hands down has the best content. For 3 years he still has the best in the game

DoubleCCz yt says:

Fact I got the optimism prime version they fire

John doe says:

Them nice af

Miguel G says:

PUMA > Adidas > Nike > Reebok


Visuals were harrrrrrd like the sus squads bits in this in the beginning! Dope like soap being sold as coke by some gangster scroat!

piggybankvillan says:

Paul moans for his Thrift Mommy when they get down and dirty, ya dig

Charlie Mckeown says:

Puma fighting streets like Akumma in the blumble bee tunas!

Esteban Mendez says:


membersonlydave says:

Paul I live in Cleveland and you aint lyin about the homeless starter jacket situation. I saw a dude that looked homeless but he was wearing a fucking sick phoenix suns puffy starter and i almost got into an accident from staring at its beauty as I drove by.

Ed's Threads says:

Transforming into a BEAST!!!

Steven Espaniola says:

Nice!! Obviously a Puma commercial but way better, more subtle and a whole lot easier to watch than when Qias does them…lol

Papi Thien Gaming says:

wow love your content man, keep it up!!

Kyle Krist says:

Homeless people always got the dopest vintage jackets fr tho! I’d offer to buy it off them but then he wouldnt got nothing to wear.

MisterDavidC says:

Paul with those awkward hugs

Charles Thorpe says:

10:30 I make my first ever youtube vlog appearance. Great meeting you bro

James Garey says:

yo you left wifey to fend for herself out those ny streets bruh

soundlesspeal says:

looking like a snack in that m&m

Diego L says:

Yeah both of them shits are straight ass…aite video tho

lens2lenz says:

Welcome to that NYC cold wind. Guaranteed to make you look like you are midway through a massive shit


I can officially say that Papi Cantu is my father.

Kyatxsi : says:

What kinda haircut u got cuz I like it if anyone knows

RudolphTitler says:

So mad I was in NYC and didn’t get to meet you I wish I had seen your IG post before the post about the meet and greet

thejasonbischoff says:

Shoutout to Puma and Germany for hooking up TTG.

Thangerous says:

Love your vids man keep it up. That’s the name of the song that begins at 10:26 tho?

Aaron Vargas says:

YOOOO remember when he was at NYC wit 2 bitches

Amorphis Brito says:

Holy fireeeee

Courtney Boyd says:

Pujols! STL GANG!

Eduardo Castro says:

Paul is a Savage

Stephen Cuthbertson says:

Paul cantu looks like the type of guy to show up to a high school party out in the stix with his spot light on to scare the kids away and get free beer

Steven Espaniola says:

PS nice @mrfoamersimpson cameo!

JustaGamr RL says:

Those kinda look like some knock off waver runners or something

S!GMA says:

Is this the Pod hotel on 51st? Love this hotel man, dope af! Greeting from Hollad aka The Netherlands

Taylor Kay says:

My duuude, hold yo girls hand in those nyc streets she’s boutta get snatched up!!


What camera you use?

1091978 says:

I know it sounds weird, but you have such pretty hands anyways and those longer nails look just good on you ;)…

David Gonzalez says:

Are you related to Mrs cantu from Fresno California

Sold Out says:

4:08 hahaha

do u even sweg bro says:

Yuh the freshes nigga in there

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