Sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit.

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Not that this is the first time a sneaker company has been sued, but this might be the first time In-N-Out is suing a sneaker brand. Created by Mike Cherman in collaboration with adidas, the Cali-O Drive thru CC skewed a little too close to the trademark of the fast-food chain. Draped in a mostly white leather upper, the model sports touches of red and yellow that many people identify with In-N-Out. The final step, and the step that may have pushed the chain over the edge, was the inclusion of a pair of shoe laces that sport the repeating pattern palm tree logo that In-N-Out uses as their logo. In response, the Fast food company filed a Trademark lawsuit against the PUMA and Chinatown Market designer, Mike Cherman.

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The Plug says:

Already creased damn

Supreme Seth says:

I honestly don’t think it was inspired by in n out

Chris Pinnick says:

The puma palm trees look straight up and don’t have the shoreline where the in-n-out is curved with the shoreline through it. I don’t think in-n-out will get 100% of the proceeds from the sale of those but they’ll get some

alex thelizardking says:

Clean as hell.

Robert says:

Palm trees? I think many states including Hawaii, Florida, California should sue as well….lol

Mustafiz Rahman says:

Nice, copying night wings style! Maybe Chris should sue!!!

Lil Schellfish says:

In and out is definitely in the wrong they don’t own the color red, or yellow nor palm tree silhouettes. It is similar but the shoe says Cali not in and out

Taitham Pillay says:

My dad was born that year

Lachlan Woods says:

What the he’ll what’s is the world coming to suing people for no reason because of something like pictures saying it look like their logo or over a pair of shoe it’s so dump everyone should read this comment to stop People suing other people for no reason and be fine with thing and the world will be a happy place instead of a unhappy place I like the shoes and their nothing wrong with the shoes their are awesome shoes

Luis A says:

Scuderia Ferrari for anyone who dont get the SF on the back of the hoodie

Luke Richert says:

6:10 “In and Outs beef”

Landon Parris says:


Miguel serrato says:

What part of pacoima are you from

Paul Sichone says:

Ive been looking for a review of this shoe for a month now!

Ultimate Applesauce says:

I wanna see a full collection video

Skeezix says:

The new Puma RSX’s look a helluva lot like the Yeezy 500’s too

Uli Peterson says:

Asking permission for some palm trees? Wtf!

b864r says:

Aye! Love the t-shirt you are rocking.

Micah Chiong says:

that would’ve been so cool, in n out the best

satanicroses says:

they look lik nike cortez

Bob jones says:

I am hungry

Sh4d0wn1njaPro says:

Was thinking McDonald’s colors before I saw the laces. But those are definitely dope kicks

Erica Payne says:

The SF stands for Scuderia Ferrari. And they are the brand of some of the F1 teams clothing/wear

Kelvin Castillo says:

That looks hot!!!

Karim Farid says:

He shows the shoes at 3:54 thank me later

Daniel Maia says:

Pockets on basketball shorts? Are you trying to break people’s fingers?

Alex Armstrong says:

He says sweatpants weather is 60 degrees. I’m over here freezing my ass of in subzero temperatures. If it was 60 degrees I would be running around in shorts.

daneg007 says:

thought that was a new off white jacket when it was in the bag.

Joshua J says:

In and out is stupid for that

Rock Bone says:

Publicity stunt just to get people to check out thier shoes.

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