Unboxing – Puma Suede Classic – Black / White



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Sizes (Men’s):

Tops: XL
Bottoms: 36Wx30L(Lrg/XL)
Shoes: 9-10
Boots: 9
Hats: Xl or 7.5

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Dara Cunningham says:

Do you think that these are like the adidas Gazzeles?
I was wandering because I have the Gazzeles and I was thinking on copping these?
Should I?

given rox says:

Tell me, is that made in Indonesia? How much u bought it? Here in Indonesia Cost about 18 US$

Luisr619 says:

My white laces came in a extra bag

Kataporis says:

Gaah damn g does are some nice shoes

Daniel Delgado says:

which laces would you say look better?

chemo bird says:

damn i was looking at these shoes as a beater shit it aint gonna be a beater

The Ricky Fontaine Show says:

Do these run big or small


how much ?

Joe Gladwin says:

@ Nearly a year later how have these shoes held up.

Tunago says:

What do you guys think: Spray it with the suede protector or naw?

justin farfan says:

I want this shoe so bad

Outstanding Cruise says:

A great classic B Boy kick/ i had the originals back in 83/84.Thinking about getting me a pair soon just because it brings back memories of me breaking in the parks back in the day!I have a question im still trying to figure out which ones LEE in the movie beat street was wearing when they first get to the RoXy to battle.Was he wearing these the Suede Classic version like these or the black suede Clyde version.I mean its really hard to tell in the scenes.I mean when hes on the train in the scene and this could be the night song is playing the soles seem to be thicker i don’t know>????just wish i knew the version he had on>???Great unboxing by the way it brought back memories bro !

Den Sevostyanov says:

Black flat because white makes it look a lil bit more feminine

Den Sevostyanov says:

Wow I have 8 and there big on me

Atcera 95 says:

to tell the truth i got the same ones and the white laces just stumped me

Jin P says:

I just wondering.. why some puma suede classics tongue puma logo look different..

Jacopo Nallira says:

where I can buy this shoes?

Diogo Caporetto says:

puma suede classic :nu metal fashion

Eliecer Jorge Uribe Pinto says:

Hey dude, can you give the shoe measured from the outside? I have understood that 27.5cm is the size sole inside. I would like to buy ones but i wanna know how long are. Thanks!

nour bouachrine says:

Please who know puma suede are made in ??

C Ebn says:

I’ll buy the classic jr red
I hesitate on size, with nike I take 38
they carve little or not? Should I take a size bigger?

Birdman Sandusky says:

I got deese

route51 says:

what’s the size comparison to Nike or Adidas?

Lil Dopey says:

Those’s Puma’s are dope.

Den Sevostyanov says:

I got them just a day ago love em

Jeremy Davis says:

just got a pair today for 50.00

justin farfan says:


Ruby Doobie says:

zappos the plug for the suede pumas


Hey p. Do you know if you can use these for basketball or indoor soccer?

Claudio Cuadra says:

Nice knife!

Dan G says:

I’ve got 3 pairs of suede classics, and have been buying these for a few years now. I wear em everyday, finally went with the simple black suede classics, I can’t get enough of this sneaker

Anthony Merlo says:

mis favoritas..!!!

Darrianna Jones says:

those r the exact shoes that I got the box and everything

Izak Adolph says:

Nigga said “puma panther” a puma is a puma, a panther is a panther. A puma is actually a type of cat.

Rex Baldwin Calvar says:

why you have a free white fat laces?? mine is nothing .

Patrick Morris says:

Whats the sizing like ive heard they fit quite big

David Barr says:

Can you take the insole out?

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