2018 Reebok Answer 1 Allen Iverson Review & On Feet!!!

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G Johns says:

Philadelphia born and raised was 17 when these came out…. and the best iversons are the questions in my opinion….

Timothy Kincade says:

Reminds me of being in middle school, I still have the black one but I had those white red gold in in 1997. I love this shoe!

Evan Michel says:

Lebron > Kobe and AI.

uncle albundy says:

why dont you just put your phone on silent you stupid asshole? instead of having all these crazy reactions, why are youtubers so retarded?

Cesarmontes10 says:

Answer 5’s were my first Basketball kicks, and my favorite kicks! Even before the Js.

MostHigh Lawson says:

Dope video… Bruh… Stay with this kind of content!!!

schwiggity says:

The original pennys are 1000x better than this trash and actually wearable.

Ryan Fan says:

the black and gold ones released in 2013

bee boo says:

I remember someone bought the bootleg versions of these a little while ago. I understand you got the official ones. I’m about the order them NOW and if you help me out, I can tell you the site I’m using because they got a NASTY offer going on.
My question is, I remember reeboks and filas run kinda big. When I get Jordans I can get no less then a 10.5 or with the narrow shit shoes a 11. With this shoe, would it be “TRUE TO SIZE” or Go 1 half size under ? Please help me out. Thank You

Israel Nunez says:

last time black and answer ones dropped was back in 2013 picked them up for the low 76.23 quality leather dmx technology was trash nothing compared to the original

Dennis Chen says:

Saw this at Taipei Reebok today for approx. $122 USD. Was really close to picking them up. Had the original when they first came out. Should I cop?

jimy0803 says:

That move was VICIOUS!!!

K Dot says:

I got the legacy ai

SquinCityTv says:

“goddamm leave me alone!…shit!” lmfaoo great video

dj hodd says:

Dee the black and gold ones already came out, i copped in 2015 or 16

lord beef 23 says:

Mj ain’t even rocked with at first till mj seen the doggggggggggggggggggggggg in him and when mj came back for wizards he saw kobe and a.i can take over now nba don’t need me no more

joe troy says:

I thought ur favorite shoe was the bred 4

Leegrant Isley says:

Trash.. nobody in philly bought those when they released..

schwiggity says:

Ewww hahahahahhaa who tf would wear that?!?

Professor B says:

Allen Iverson did the same impact as Jordan did back in the day !

T. Nguyen says:

I’m feeling the nostalgia too. Damn. Gotta cop this immediately.

TheDude says:

I feel let down on this release.

DES says:

I got these for $25 like 20 years ago. They were on clearance at Oshman’s. Lol

I loved those shoes. Best $25 ever spent.

Btw, My friends and I practiced that spin move out in the driveway all the time.

gerald dorrian says:

I might buy the blue toe ones

Jassiel Quintana says:

Those shoes ugly af fucking dad shoes headass

gerald dorrian says:

I was just thinking about these, I had the black and gold joints in 5th grade. They are special to me to

Mike G says:

Black and golds came out in 2013 along with the patent leather blue and whites…I gotta get these I remember I got these at Marshall’s for $40 back in 99

Derek Daniels says:

Dee keep it jus like this about the kicks only an Im waiting on these to drop I fucks wit A.I. too so these are mandatory for me fa sho,fa sho✌️

Fernando Sanchez says:

is it true to size

Will D says:

The hip hop community influenced Iverson. We was wearing braids way back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Go check out the Biz Markie video ”Vapors” or Eric B and Rakim’s album cover ”Paid In Full”. We are American culture! We are the world’s culture! Iverson made it popular for people outside of the culture at that time.

Jamesmelton34 says:

Dope vid I’m with you on Iverson pound for pound hands down one of the best bb ball player ever in my opinion. I two loved Iverson followed him from Georgetown. I too had the braids because of ai salute bruh

ricardo clarke says:

them was fire back in the day, where you get those

Semisi Tuitupou says:

You like it I love it

Adrian Humphrey says:

you took me back with this one had these and the black and gold ones

Pierre Boyd says:

Who will finish your videos if you have 20 commercials in em?

lord beef 23 says:

A.i in the 7 and 8th grade I didn’t see no Jordan’s at this time era 2000. Now lebron ain’t revolutionized nothing like mj and a.i

Mark Mack says:

Those joints are mean cant lie

Mario Hunt says:

Damn classic bring back the black n gold ones had those in 8th grade brings back memories

Terrell Thomas says:

Yo Damn Dee what camera are you using, because the picture quality is on POINT!!!! Appreciate the video

Shawn Kemp says:

Are these FAKES

Germ 23 says:

Skip to 10:30 for the shoes so you don’t waste ya time

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

Had those in 98 in 9th grade every one had the Jordan 12 cherry I had those ones. I wore the number 3 and had the braids and I was a point guard. You took me back bro a tear came to my eye. You jumped into a time machine and took me back to 1998. The Kobe 1 are my favorite sneaker of all time.

Last Life says:

I feel you. Allen Iverson is my all time favorite basketball player ever. I also had the cornrows and studied that behind the back spin move to the tee! I remember these back in high school and always wanted a pair. I been patiently waiting and hopeful for these to re-release. I got my pair a few days ago and it was the most bone chilling unboxing I ever experienced. I love these sneakers. As much as I love these the red-toe questions are my all time favorites. I would rank these right behind the questions as my second favorite sneakers of all time. I just need the navy patent leather colorway to complete the Answer 1 collection.

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