2018 Reebok Crossfit Games Gear – Athletic Apparel Review – What you can buy from the athlete kit

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This is a non-sponsored review of the new Crossfit Games Apparel

I’m a size Medium in everything. Below are prices and product names!

Click here to shop: http://shrsl.com/13j56

Reebok Crossfit Skinny Bra – $45
Reebok Crossfit Jacquard Long Sleeve – $50
Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 – FlexWeave – $130
Reebok Crossfit Grace TR – $100
Reebok Crossfit Chase Bootie Short – $40
Reebok Crossfit Knit Waistband Short – Stone Camo – $50
Reebok CrossFit Compression Tight – $40

Click here to shop: http://shrsl.com/13j56
More info on the apparel and shoe details: https://www.reebok.com/en-us/Blog/2018-07/games-gear/

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_________ says:


Sabrina LaFleur says:

I would love to see you do crossfit again! Thanks for posting this! Also, what size of that blue crossfit shirt are you wearing?

Sanele Maziya says:

Fuck Crossfit and their crosshit games

Enrico Crivoli says:

How many kilos do you lift?

George Adonis says:

Hello my Strong Strong Anavar

solitarymaninblack says:

She does remind me a little of Jenny Blighe

82mash says:

With how close you like to get to the camera you should try to find a macro lens for it.

Roy Godiksen says:

I loved the marathon rowing. That was interesting. But the music made me half mad.

Sarah Ganos says:

I was not impressed with the Games gear this year 🙁 I bought some things last year that I really liked. This year the designs just seemed blah to me. Nothing I had to have. I even had a 25% off coupon for being a volunteer and still couldn’t find anything I wanted, so I gave it to a friend. I was given the camo shorts which I do like, but I haven’t tried using them during a workout yet. The one item I really love but won’t buy is the white jacket the athletes wore to the opening ceremonies. The material is super soft. If it came in a color other than white I’d consider getting it.

Jessica Young says:

Cross fit can help us pass this new army fitness test that’s going to be official next year.

Tracy Ann Mangold says:

I love the Nano’s. Not the white color so much but Nano’s are insanely comfortable. Especially the Nano 6’s. I love reviews like this. Most of my clothing has to be from the powerlifting/CrossFit world as I’m broad shouldered, large chest and narrow hipped with NO butt. Must do more squats! Thanks for the review. ❤️

internet ! says:

Crossfit may be great but T the “games” are just people working out. I can only watch that for so long. Now the strong man comp is the real sport.

Ty Mccoy says:

Is it just me or is her body perfect like you can tell she lifts but the curves it’s still there is the perfect combo

Kane Szigethy says:

Lol at the end…”died, LITERALLY DIED”. made me laugh out loud.

Selina Wright says:

Where the hell were these when I went?! >:/

Harshit Agarwal says:

I love your bulky physique.

Thunder Buddy says:

Crossfit Chronicles if you do it again 🙂

Matthew Barnard says:

Yasss do CrossFit

Destination Seekers says:

meg, love the hair colour.

Theresa Williams says:

Super cool

Grant says:

You are amazing and wear whatever fits you!!’!!!!!’

Ryan Mercer says:

Freckles on point<3

danilo ventura says:

I did crossfit for years and I can say with absolute confidence how fucking bad this garbage haphazard “reinvention of the wheel” is for the your health. I’ve incorporate Olympic lifts and kettle bell work ( i.e the fucking Bulgarian system of strength training, as in like those shameless cocksucker didn’t come up with this) into my convention gym lifting routine and haven’t felt better since I got involved in that cult-like bullshit training system. I strongly encourage anyone intrested in joining to thoroughly research the number of lawsuits and articles that have transpired over the years, due to the laughable qualifications needed to become a “coach” at a “box”. The “p.r’s” recorded by the top compator in the “sport” aren’t really all that impressive when compared to actual professionals or competent gym rats AND ALLLLLLL TOSE FUCKERS ARE ON P.E.D’S, I EVEN COMPETED IN LOCAL EVENS WHEN I FIRST STARTED AND THE SOCCER MOMS HAD BACKS AS DEFINED AS MINE! Crossfit is a joke and it’s fucking up more knees and spines then the military, construction and law enforcement combine….

My Keto Progress says:

Been doing crossfit for almost 5 years. I don’t look like or even close to a games athlete at all. I had no idea that Reebok worked that hard to make clothes that fit crossfit athletes at all. I wish they would make some jeans and further more make a petite size.

Stevan Katanic says:

God I want to tongue punch your Bungis

Anabolic chemistry says:

I want ask u , why u r so frkn hot ? Damn , I don’t know fkn why !

taylor hill says:

You are beautiful Meg! Good lort!

trav w says:

The style of training is still new and needs more experienced coaches. That’s why it gets a bad name. I tried crossfit for a couple months, I love trying different styles of training. At the gym I went to I was coached by a couple that had competed in the games, had their certs, and were also certified in powerlifting. Any of the exercises I performed where all taught with proper form and reps were not counted where they had poor form. They in no way wanted to promote something that would cause injury. I feel I had the best possible experience and the only reason I did not continue their was because I much prefer creating my own workouts and working out on my own schedule, not training in a class like manor. I do feel though that many gyms out there don’t have the level of experienced coaches I had. But in all honestly I can find this going to any gym as well. So many terrible personal trainers are out there hurting individuals, crossfit though being so new definitely makes it seem more apparent. Give it time and find more educated coaches. Love the community though, feels like I was doing sports again when I was a part of it

Rebecca Schmierer says:

Would you recommend those shoes for powerlifters for squats/deadlifts or do you have other favorites?

Tobias Biegert says:

please do the crossfit total in a vid

hundhundkatt says:

Sorry i really don’t like Reebok sportswear 🙁 Outdated styles and just a really bad fit. Stuff runs big at the waist, loose here tight there and just overall I feel like they haven’t kept up with the standards of today’s sportswear

Kayla Warkentin says:

Will you do a feed me fight me haul/ review

Ernesto Alamo says:

Because of PED

Joe Malone says:

Meg you’re fucking built for XFit do it!!!!

The Professional says:

Fuck Crossfit

james daley says:


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