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gerry pena says:

Are u goin to wrestlemania 33 ?

Juan Arroyo says:

clean they should bring back the dmx run 10 sole system

Robert Trotter says:

I gotta c more colorways I’m not feeling those delz

schwiggity says:

they need to put tongues on these. i rock woth skinny jeans, but im a grown up and my job doesnt allow sweatpants. these would loom dumb with jeans.

KEST Karmaev says:

Waiting them in RF…too much time. I want them now. Thank u for the overview)

WaveyFinesse says:

yo delz did you cop the 2chainz Ewing’s?

Curtis Reid says:

those look clean Delz. appreciate the review. RESPECT

SneakerGaga says:

Way better than adidas , thanks for showing me these

Luffy Uchiha says:

are they fine for running 🙁

Jay OfGTV says:

Those are actually pretty dope. I caught that quick subliminal subscribe flash lol.

Juan Bzan says:

Is that what’s trending now?? Hundred and something dollars just for the shoe to be all cloth?? No. I still think Air Force are the best in my opinion. Alright leather and for the low

CheezuS says:

Same Company… Either way Adidas wins.

sayitwityakickz says:

They got the Collab they did with future I’m really liking these a lot.

707Gian says:

they look good, unfortunately i haven’t seen them in stores yet

Nate Serpant says:

I actually almost bought this pair of sneakers. I couldn’t find them in my local mall so I passed but I may reconsider that

Mike Perez says:


Vito Vizziato says:

You can definitely see the Adidas inspiration all over these, even the 3 stripes on the mid sole LoL. but they look nice for $115

Jase Proctor says:

You guys know adidas owns reebok right..?

DjuLizatiOn juu says:

I like the kicks, they seem really comfy and they have a great shape, same for the upper color/materials, i’d buy them, nice vid Delz

Windy City says:

where you get your cuffed joggers/pants?

Andres Guerra says:

Adidas owns reebok…..just sayin….

slum alumni says:

need a zig bottom

Jeremy Kadish says:

are they more comfortable than ultra boost?

M3.Milan says:

Joints trash

MrAlphonsomango says:

Fat boy would be better off strapping two burgers to his feet

Derek Daniels says:

they ok

Childishnessss says:

0:51 this nigga Delz said pause LMFAOOOOOO

Robert Trotter says:

review da LeBron 14 red and black I’m going to cop a pair tomorrow I wanna c how they look In person

Joel Liew says:

so many sneakerheads and not a single one knows that Adidas owns Reebok

Christopher Kelly says:

I’ll be honest and say they just look like they are ripping off the current trendy adidas stuff. It’s going to go out of fashion and favour so hard I reckon. Muppets paying hundreds for pink nmds or ultra boost etc.

Rizaldo Mullings says:

Reebok is owned by Adidas so I’m personally not surprised that they made a sneaker using the designs that people currently like about the Adidas running line. It feels a little copycatish but sometimes you just gotta keep up with what’s trending even though I’m not too sure about how long it will last.

Bostons Best says:

These are dope . Hopefully reebok is headed in the right direction . Thanks for posting these

cilletbang007 says:

Them trainers look terrible. Epic fail by reebok to try and follow in adidas footsteps

Loudpakdre Bay Area says:

i was gonna cop (still gonna cop) the freebandz but I had to snatch up those black ying yang on sale right fast

Mike Ortiz says:

I like! Something kinda different I can dig it

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