CROSSFIT SHOE REVIEW // Reebok Nano 6/ Nike Metcon 2/ NOBULL

Which Crossfit shoes should you buy? Reviewing the Nike Retcon 2’s/ NoBulls and the newest pair to be release the Reebok Nano 6’s.

Doing the workout NATE.


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Chadwick says:

What color-way of the Nano 6.0 is that? I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Appreciate the help!

MC473428 says:

Aha! The shoe review. Been waiting for this one for awhile!

Derek Raymond says:

came here from O2B.

Cap 0489 says:

What’s the name of the game you were playing at the end of the video?

KT Jorgensen says:

congrats on 15k which is precisely what i see right now… thanks for all the inspiration and great content.

Sarah Nelson says:

Hey Craig! Thanks for doing the review, did your nano 6’s stretch out after you used them awhile? I’m between sizes so wondering if they stretch! Thanks!

chicken4247 says:


byReZio says:

I have exactly the same feeling with the Metcons, for me they’re great for anything but running.

David Lahusen says:

Fun idea to throw in bits about the shoes throughout the video.

Jay Spats says:

The plastic piece on the back isn’t to aid in HSPU it’s to keep the rubber on the back from getting ripped and torn off the back which happened to my metcon1 the very first time I had a WOD with HSPU

Marjory H. says:

Question for anyone who can help…what is the difference in the nano 5 and nano 6 besides the look?

Jakov Vlakic says:

Richey did u try new Reebok speed trs?

Suivax Broussard says:

what was that second song after fetty wap? at 4:03

sacc lach says:

congrats on 15k brother !

Michael Witham says:

Watched this as your channel hit 15K. Congrats bro man!

Michel Houellebecq says:

exactly 15k subs as i’m writing this. i think i subbed when you did that first daily crossfit vloging series. congrats on the growth… where’s faye?!

Michael D. Irizarry says:

Hey! I currently use the Nano 6 best shoe ever I even use them with my jeans lol

the dude says:

great videos bro , but the nano’s are garbage. style and fit

Martin Cullen says:

I like the real life vids !!!

Lexter De jesus says:

Hey! What would you choose? $80 Nike Metcon 2 or $114 Reebok Nano 6.0? both are discounted. Thanks.

Andy Mage says:

Craig, what do you squat and Oly lift in? I never really see you wear lifters.

Perfect Scents says:

I just got the nano 5 what did u not like bout them ? I got just for every day wear

nicolas ilijic says:

You got to do a US box tour! also what BCAAs do you drink??

applehead85 says:

Congrats on the 15k Craig! Keep up the good work!

Mal's Crossfit Vlogs says:

haha same thoughts with the olympics

Dale Gre says:

Legit! Thanks!

Nick Burke says:

I think you may have been misled on the “No Leather” fact for the No Bull shoes. They have a leather healed lifter shoe in production right now so that debunks that fact.

Niamh Sheehan says:

What app was he using when he showed Nate? loving the vlogs at the moment!

Julian W says:

LOL @ 11:14

I was laughing so hard ahah

duncantee says:

15k subs. Well done!!

Leandro Liberal says:

Still yet to try the 6.0! I’ve been using the nano’s 5.0 and I’ve changed to the metcon2.0 due to the confort and the lifting as well. Loving Nike for the moment!

Din Fedko says:

Great review! What brand is that t-shirt you are wearing?

matthew bacon says:

I can’t wait for the day (which will be soon) where you have millions of subscribers and I can say I was here since 4000! Keep going man!

aledgriffith8 says:

Is the guy at 11.02 Arsher Ali off Beaver Falls??

Ava Adams says:

Hey I work at a reebok outlet and August 17th through the 21st were having a friends and family discount. 40% off in store (8803398) and 25% off online (8803399) and my employe id is 519030 !! You can use this discount on certain Crossfit shoes and clothes! Feel free to tell everyone you know!

lqdgrphcs says:

ObeseToBeast led me here. Glad he did.

Tim Sutton says:

Interesting review on the shoes. I appreciate you’ve given your honest impression and feel for the shoes rather than getting caught up in the hype.

Kaden Sloan says:

Great videos man! Love your positivity and insight. Keep it up!

John B says:

You didn’t review the best CrossFit shoe out there! IMO, it is the inov8 f-lite 195 or the 235. My first CrossFit shoe was the inov8. I have tried the reebok and went back to the inov8, and my wife has the no bull, but none of the shoes you reviewed can compare to the weight, and the flat sole, and especially the running of the inov8.

TallDarkNIndian says:

Hey Richey how did you learn to do handstand pushups? can you make a video? cheers

Sw3eT52 says:

Great video as always ! Thanks for the shoes review 😉

Josh Gregory says:

Dang. Just watching this video and seeing how happy you are put a smile on my face! I’ve been looking at the NoBulls after just buying a pair of Metcon 2’s(moreso for how awesome they look). Keep up the vids man! Crossfit (especially the community) is great!

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