FloElite Lifters Review: Nike Romaleos 3 vs Nobull Lifters vs Reebok Legacy Lifters

This is the mega review comparison between the new Nike Romaleos 3, the Nobull Lifters, and the Reebok Legacy Lifters!

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johnnybravo6 says:

Which one would you recommend for wider feet?

Richard Villanueva says:

does he even lift?

vineet kapshikar says:

He looks like younger Gianni Versace

kzelmer says:

Light and flexible. two adjectives you dont want to hear when talking about wl shoes.

MrHappyAdjustableSpanners says:

my first shoe was the original reebok crossfit lifter and after 5 years they still look brand new, so comfortable and strong… but i love the look of the legacy lifters and i want rid of the word crossfit from my shoe :’) so i think ima upgrade to the legacy lifters

King says:

Can’t afford em..

#Farmlands says:

In other words, if you care more about what people think than quality, and will actually spend MORE for this–get the shoes that match your shell of a soul–get Nobulls.

K-plus tunjevina says:

I have a flat left foot and I squat heavy once a week and deadlift heavy once a week with OHP’s thrown in. Should I consider weightilfting shoes. I currently use metcons.

Nielsen Nicole says:

Which one is the Best for plantar fasceitis ? I want tô train hard but i have a Lot of pain with comum shoes… help me please

Mark Kennedy says:

Having a higher heal one the Reebok Legacey Lifters is huge for doing squats and some other big lifts. It helps a lot to lift your heals up off the floor when doing ass to grass squatting (proper squats!). This shoe lifts the foot in the back and supports fully and keeps the foot from moving around. Solid lifting shoe indeed!

Esther says:

Awesome straight to the point review. Appreciate it so much. Thank you!

David Christopher Bilas says:

I have the Romaleos 2 and love them. Worth upgrading to the Legacy Lifters? They seem somewhat similar based on your description other than the heel lift.

Philosophical Weightlifting says:

“If you’ve got the money and you don’t mind getting a mediocre shoe out of it. The nobull lifters are a solid investment.” Not sure if trolling…

Degiorgio Malta says:

If I were to compare size wise are they reebok and nike the same size overall or is one made bigger please? Probs of buying online

Brian Bravo says:

I own the Romaleo3 and the second month I had them the tongue ripped. Great shoe but the quality is shit. 🙁

Alex B says:

Those no bulls are beautiful but pricey!

Jim Jones says:

That car door analogy was a really good way to explain that

Max Merget says:

I agree that the Legacy is a great solid shoe. However, after owning mine since the launch day (~15 months), one of the laces ripped through the leather eyelet. Closer inspection shows that the other eyelets were also wearing out. I weight lifted in them about 3-4 days/week during this time.

Hyuracan says:

Hey Which one of these shoes has the most arc support??

David Zimmerman says:

bro the no bulls are trash after less than a year i wanted to throw them out of my car window on the highway

Shawn says:

Wearing Romaleo II’s was leaning towards the sexy No Bull until I heard this. What about a Risto?

Marlon Orellana says:

legacy lifters for powerlifting?

Rogelio Quiroz says:

Nobull’s looks like chukkas lol

shazam679 says:

Great review! #subbed

Daniel Kochanowicz says:

no love for the adiPowers?

Tim McCracken says:

Not really a fan of the 3`s but for myself the romaleo 2`s take the cake. I do really like the legacy lifters they just feel off somehow

Rachel Tamashiro says:

This video was so helpful, thank you! I was wondering if you have flat feet and if that is why the Reeboks are more comfortable for you? Personally, I have very flat feet and I am looking for something comfortable that will suit me.

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