Kendrick Lamar Reebok Classics Sneaker Detailed Look Review & On Foot + New Question OTSS Mid’s

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Where to find these Reebok Kendrick Lamar Sneakers
Where to find these Reebok Question’s

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Q Hardy says:

Got my pair. Years from now mf gonna be hatn


I don’t like Kendrick and I hate the shoe lol I think it’s ugly.nothing against reebok

Moises Mercado says:

delz i think you should do an updated sneaker collection. i know it would take so much time considering the amount of kicks you have but i think it would be worth it, seeing as you may gain new subscribers.

Snickz says:

True to size?

FreeManTalk Again says:

I’m not wearing pig leather shoes sorry I’m Muslim pass for me


Just picked these up dope video man.

R Russell says:

orange is my favorite color i need those reebok

Eric Reyes says:

What’s the name of the instrumental? Anyone?

Q Hardy says:

just copped. people sleep on the retro Reebok’s . I got some Shaq attacks v
kamakazi 1 and 2,
Iverson dmx,
big hurt,
Shaw attack 1,

Alex Tran says:

How hard these gonna be to cop?

8joshphillips says:

They would have been so fucking clean without the toebox like tht

Hash slinging Slasher says:

1:00 till they drop

Alberto Casas says:

K.Dots drop tonight at 12

HerSoles_23 says:

I like them. Something different

surfingjc says:

Air Jordan 15 featured woven kevlar side panels Delz..

Thomas Jeppesen says:

YES, i copped these!!

Arix Jahonson says:

I have these deadstock size 9.5 for sale

Jujhar Bling says:

Kanye just need to put his name on more reebok and boom the brand is back !!

Claudia Claudia says:

have u done Reebok pumps review

Purpleraffe says:

If they’re sold out, any suggestions?

Stophatinbruh says:

man they both look good . also good vids delz !

Furkan Yguz says:

Do you chose the same size as the first Reebok CL KL?

ipwnukazu says:

the first collab shoe is by far the best one

Nikhil Mattoo says:

How do the Kendricks fit fam?

Juvi Gotti says:

My detailed review is out for the classics

Big Fan says:

Likes the concept behind the kicks definitely summer wear clean review fuego track as usual delz. .

杰 f o r e v e rミ☆ says:

Hardest cop in my life but i did it 😀

Luan Badalli says:

does they fit tts ?

Joan Dominican says:

Are the kerick lamar’s going to be for sale in footlocker?

KeseTM says:

So are these heavier then a regular pair of questions?

AlwaysStayFreshTV says:

These are dope

ivan pineiro says:

Kendricks true to sz ?? I know you said the iversons were .

conor13640 says:

dope concept

Joan Dominican says:

How can i buy the kendrick lamar online?

Trenton Nicholas says:

Dawg that shut fresh

MADGUY66 MAD says:

Kendrick tryna bring peace between crips and bloods

Haider Elshemari says:

These are fucking ill. Just got them in the mail today. Didn’t get the extra lace in the box. But that’s cool love them

TheSmartSneakerhead says:

bruh these are straight flames i hope to nab em

Cahluvca says:

Do proceeds go to charities in Compton?

SneakGeek87 says:

they really hooked you up this month. it’s nice to see all the details they put on both pairs.

G Wavy says:

dope ass vid

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