Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilator W/ OnFeet Review

I Think Kendrick Definitely Did A Good Job On These, ENJOY AND DROP A THUMBS UP ON THE VID! Let Me Know If You’re Feeling These Or NAH Down Below.

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Kendrick Lamar – “Homeys” & “Vanity Slaves”


Elite King says:

Fuxk Fox News

Hype Beast says:

That news achor’s lines, also the intro of the Kendrick Lamar’s DNA

Sbwcrusaders says:

Anyone know where I can pick these up ?

Bryan Escalona says:

fuck dem news people stupid fucks

808 Shady says:

Yooo Kendrick used the quote at 2:43 as a sample on his song DNA.

Komogil1 says:


WEB HEAD says:

if I could take to those ppl at Fox news. I’d tell them stfu

themixeddude says:

screw gang violence red plus blue or blue plus red equals purple

Lucid Eye says:

Its been a year and I haven’t seen nobody with these on

Demetrius Thomas says:

do you know if they fit true to size or can I go down a size? I’m a gs size 7y

Joseph Diaz says:

I’m copping, showing support to Kendrick and the cause he got

Malik Shears says:

where did you cop these… I’ve been looking for these

king.niteowl 187 says:

est 1996 COMPTON

Dakota Taylor says:

lolololololololololololololololol fox news lmfao

Faris Kini says:

Are they as comfortable as the asics gel-lyte?? +BULL1TRC

Kam S says:


Martin .A Samano says:


Kevin Heitmann says:

yo guys, where can i still get these? from germany here.

skyler says:

400 dollars fuck outta here

RetroTv says:

forget what the news say, I feel Kendrick is the savior of hip hop and is a inspiration to me and a lot of kids and adults, got mad respect for

Life of a Filmmaker says:

Check out the review i did of this shoe on my channel!

Sensei says:

White people smh

IBMikmaq says:

Blips Native Blips!

Marlo Galetovic says:

Where can you get these shoes?

Luke Rowley says:

I have a question. Why is it on some of the shoes there isn’t any colored stitching on the top of the tongue? It is the same color as the rest of the shoe without the Kendrick Lamar & TDE writing.

Pablo Escobar says:

What’s the song at the end ? And fuck Fox trashy ass white anchors pieces of dirty shit.

Pablo Moreno says:

I been wanting to pick up those shoes badly! they sold out fast and ppl is asking rape prices. I’m no snakehead but it’s a show I might pay a bit above retail for just cause I’m a big fan of Kendrick

alex barajas says:

Was holding the shoe too close to the water it was making my heart drop

Samuel Hernandez says:

K dot should’ve came out wit sum chucks

tortillaaah4 says:

Did you cop the Classic Leather version of these? They came out like a few weeks ago

LayingSomePipe says:

If anyone has theses shoes in 8.5, 9 size ill offer $325

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