Get your NANO 8 here:


Sorry – it’s a little long but there’s a lot to go over.


solotopp says:

Please bring back the 6s, and not for $130 frikin dollars.

Joseph Gerichs says:

Do you know when the Metcon 4’s come out?

Buffman - R.A.N.G.E. says:

How’s the lace length on the 8? The speed tr 2.0s have ridiculously long laces that I have to triple knot and they’re still long. Have you run on ice/snow with them? The TR are not fun for that. I feel I liked the TR better than the 5s they replaced but for my flat feet fall short for volumes of box jumps and box jump overs. Im ready to dump them after 5 months. 🙁

Bryan Ferrer says:

Great review!!! But I think for flatfeet the mid part of the sole should be hard as well right?
it is one of the test I go for to see if it has stability.

Joe 00 says:

hey man, could you help me. if i wear 10.5US in nano 4 and 6, 10US in metcon 3, US10 reebok speed tr2.0. what size would i be in nano 8? what is the arch like? lumpy or nice like the inov8 240/inov8 250?

thank you mate

SanDiegoFreddy says:

I agree with what was said in this video. I have both the Nano 7 and the Nano 8. The Nano 8 is much more comfortable. There is more cushioning and the sole increased flexibility in the sole makes a big difference.

Jared Garner says:

I can’t tell if you are showing a custom color or if it is black. Is this the black version that Reebok is selling on their website or a custom color?

DrakE (original) says:

Hey! I want some shoes just for the gym, because i am very heavyweight (95kg) and i lift decent (120kg squat) so i can’t continue using my running shoes, they just end like shit too fast 😛
Would you recommend the nano 7 weave JUST FOR LIFTING? I am in doubt with this.
And don’t want to waste all the money in the powerlifting shoes like romaleos

Latissimus65 says:

Which shoe is bulkier? Nano 6 or nano 8?

Nat Hurtenbach says:

I need a narrow crossfit shoe, help.

By'tl Solomon says:

I got the 5s and I wear them til they turn into a racoon on my feet

Jihoony says:

Which one do u recommend between nano 8 and Altria hiit xt? I have wide feet and I don’t do crossfit I only want to use it for weightlifting and doing drills

Alex Rodz says:

I like the metcons but I’m also looking into the zoom command…can u do a review on them?

Kiln Strength says:

In the words of Bruce Wayne, “Does it come in black?”

Stuart Mitchell says:

Good review, but you have officially made me hate Reebok for adding “.0” to the end of all their shoe models

Cody Johns says:

Knowing what you know now…
Speed TR 2 or N8?

'Edgar Ramirez says:

Could you review the new Nike train command 🙂

Nikki says:

PRO TIP: If you are a female with a smaller shoe size, you can fit in the kid’s model. Just look at the size chart. I’m a size 7 in womens and got a kids 5.5. They are the same quality. I ended up getting two pairs for $90 when the had the BOGO on kid’s shoes!

Hermann Rivera says:

I’ve had only 1 pair of Nanos which were the 4.0. I disliked the way they felt when working out. Completely disappointed which led me to Metcons. I then tried these on based on Joel’s review and I must say Reebok has come a long way. I just ordered a custom set and it’s hard for me to believe that I just can’t wait. Thanks Joel!

MrVeteranhawk says:

I can’t believe Reebok came out with basically another Nano 7.0….worst and ugliest crossfit shoe ever. anyone at Reebok paying attention ??  The 6.0 were their best.  I’ll stick with my no bulls and Nano 6.0 until they die…stellar work Reebok…wow

muhammad adam says:

hey man,im a basketball player who looking for training shoes,do you think this shoe(nano 8),can handle side to side/lateral movement??im worried that they are too minimal to handle things on that nature

Ken Duong says:

Hi, can you comment on heat release of the 8.0 compare to the 6.0. I currently wear 6.0 and it does not dissipate heat very well. I loved the 2.0 how it dissipated heat very well becuase of the upper was so airy

TangDominates says:

First thanks for all the awesome reviews, you get all the best toys. Second, thanks for answering all of the questions posted to you. Third, my annoying question. I recently got the Nano 7 Weaves and absolutely love them for lifting, previously I was using Metcon 2’s and for me the 7 weave felt way more stable and for some reason I didn’t seem to go onto my toes during oly lifts like I have a tendency to do with the Metcons. My question is will the increased flexibility on the 8’s have the potential to act like the more flexible metcon 2 and throw you forward on your toes easier? I’m 95% satisfied with the 7 weave I just wish it was a tad more comfortable but would definitely take the lifting ability of them over a more comfortable shoe like the metcon. Thanks again!


Where to get the nano 8 its like they dont exist on the internet

treborrrrr says:

So… for someone who sorta fell off the wagon with the training (one of these days I’ll get back to it…), how would you say these would work as everyday shoes? I currently use the Merrell Trail Glove 3s which I love, but these look very tempting.

JFomo says:

Wouldnt a softer mid sole mean these 8’s suck for squatting and dead lifting? People complained the 7’s were too hard?

Ed Craddock says:

Sort out the focussing dude

Jesper Kjeldsen says:

I got a silly question which i hope some of you guys can help me with.
I am looking for a new training shoe.
i am considering the Nano 8 or the Nano Speed TR 2.0 and would like some advices.

Here are some additional information:
– my weekly training consists of various sports (2 x CF trainings, 1x floorball, 1x regular fitness with focus on some rehabilitation of old injuries)
– i got a broad forefoot
– i have never owned a Nano shoe before

Thanks for any tips in advance

R Schneider says:

Been on the fence on the 8s, but it may be time to make it happen…


So, these are the widest Nanos, but would it also be the widest crossfit shoe as far as midfoot goes? I have the weaves, still feel good, just wanting to know if there was a wider option anywhere

Adam D says:

They are also the ugliest Nanos to date.

Danny Pimienta says:

You have great reviews. Looking to start CrossFit in May to compliment my ultra running training. Decided to look into the shoes to try during strength training days of my training block for my 50 milers. I tried both the Metcon 4 and Nano 8 true to size and the nanos felt awful. So much so that I didn’t try a size up. Metcon 4 was too small true to size but weren’t bad a half size up.

Hanazakari Sama says:

Is it shock absorb ??

Anthony Duncan says:

Thanks my brother! Keep it coming.
Anthony “Aesop Black” Duncan

Mikhail Llauder says:

Which shoe would last longer and do a better job of preventing tears? NANO 6 or NANO 8?

Jorge Mata says:

I watched your review of adidas crazytrain elite so I bought a pair and I love them! would you mind sharing your thoughts on how they compare with nano 8 as far as performance? thanks man!

Alberto Ortega says:

Thanks Joel! In the market for shoes and spent the last hour reading and watching your reviews.

MrMexyMatt says:

if only the audio was synced smh

Juanito Torres says:

Review nano pump 3.0’s!

Mark Sassine says:

Nice shoes but why the crossfit brand name not on the nano 8 shoes ?

Tommy Ngo says:

For the love of god…just call them Nano 8’s, Nano 7’s, Nano 6’s etc….no need to actually say the “point 0”. All I hear is “point 0, point 0, point 0….”

Sze-Voon Yee says:

Hi joe , nice review there. Do you have the weight of the Nano 8 vs the nano 6 ??

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