Nike Metcon 4 vs Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave Review – Best CrossFit Shoes 2018

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Nike Metcon 4 vs Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave. Thes are two shoes that you can bet will be in the discussion for Best CrossFit Shoes 2018. In fact, we thought about doing a full Nike MetCon 4 review or Nano 8 Review, but we figured since so many people will be interested in both, it would make sense to post a review/comparison in one sitting. We’ve posted plenty of crossfit shoe reviews in the past and seriously considered making videos about the best training shoes 2018, but so far have not gotten around to that. Hopefully in the future.

Nike MetCon 4 Review + Reebok Nano 8 Review:

Nike MetCon 3 vs DSX FlyKnit:

Reebok Nano 6 Review:

Nano Pump Fusion Review:

Reebok Nano 7 Review:

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Gabriela Beach says:

I feel like Nike has an odd design for footwear. Their shoes have always been too narrow for me. I’ll always buy Reebok over Nike

cullen schreiner says:

Can you do a running shoe review on the UA Charged Escape. It’s a great shoe that gets overlooked. If you can that would make my year!

Kieran Gettel-Gilmartin says:

i like the nike because nike tends to fit my feet better

Paulo Amaral says:

Riz, could you do a video about the benefits of constructing your own box/gym at home versus going to a gym academy. Always enjoyed your garage with the tool’s to keep a person fit.

Vorbeck Family says:

hreay video

Michael Pastore Jr says:

Riz, have you tried the Nike Flynit DSX 2?

buttnakedsneaks says:

Nike and Reebok shoes with Adidas socks no Bueno

Lucas Meredith says:

If I had to choose, I’d pick Reebok because it’s not the evil empire. I’m a pure Boost guy. I’m on my feet all day at work.

King Mongkut says:

i like rebok because they are comfortable

Ian McNabb says:

loved my Nano 6s when they came out as they helped me perform better during my HIIT WODs a year and a half ago, but I just got the Metcon 4s a couple weeks ago and have had a few WODs in them, they fit perfectly for me at size 11, conforming and contouring near perfectly, so I haven’t noticed any heel slippage during WODs

Jared Schaaf says:

Nanos: just look better

Luke Owen says:

I’m kind ofa Nike guy, but the nano 8s look way better and that might be the selling point for me.

Paul says:

None of them they look like flat slippers. Go retro 90s, such as NIKE Air SC cross trainer Bo knows !

samuel zamora says:

I want another pair of Nike 5.0 TR V5’s! It does it all for me, holds my foot in place & moves with me perfectly.

Camila Tucci says:

Reebok most definitely

Vorbeck Family says:

i would go with nike because i have always had nike and they are really comfortable

Rebecca WifeOf1MotherOf4 says:

I lean more towards Reebok. Nike seems to run narrow and low, causing slippage.

Jason Outmezguine says:

Nike, they look better and usually fit me better.

TheWhatevadiva says:

Nano, Nike’s don’t fit well when it comes to training shoes.

Jesse Valdez says:

Reebok just for the comfort

Hilda Goodwin says:

I don’t wear either brand but I will keep this video in case my nephew is interested.

Michael Clarke says:

You will love the Nano 8 once you get the correct midsole on the 8s.

Brian Lancaster says:

I’m not really a fan of neither shoe, because I only buy running shoes


I feel so bad, I use to CrossFit daily but took a short break that has turned to 2 full years. Maybe buying some shoes will get me off my duff.

michael carosielli says:

The Nano 8 looks pure

Ryan MACK says:

The Reeboks because they look really comfortable

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