Reebok Allen Iverson Question Mid Pearlized Red Sneaker On Feet Review

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dominatorX says:


Miastatic says:

Shout out to that Randy Rhoads tribute shirt!

Marco Ortiz says:


Jermaine Lasalle says:

they look really comfortable

Ryan Seimo says:

Legend blue 11’s on sneakers app now !


Yo i been looking everywhere to cop a pair if the Question DC Majors in size 9.5 do you know were i can score a pair. Thanks

DJ4080 says:

These kicks will never get old.

Giovanni Lewis says:

I need the reebok answer 4s again…the black & white ones! hope they retro…

Mell Uhuru says:

I got theses kickz. But question what sweat pants are those your rockin ?

toffee rado says:

The knowledge of A.I and the questions is very limited here.
1- The all star question were never “scrapped” i have mine from 99-00 season the pair you’re holding are actually the 3rd version, Pickyourshoes had their own release a while back.
2- The cross over on mj that is shown over and over again hes in the blue tips.
You don’t seem like a very big A.I fan because you dont know what you talking about regarding his shoes which was a big part of his career, you seem more of just a fan of who ever and whatever is popular at the moment.

Bryan Lugo says:

Do you if the all red questions are coming out?

joaquin cantu says:

there to bulky and heavy….they suck

G George Nuyarican says:

probably the only Reebok kicks that I would rock

Ryan H says:

My wife hates the Questions! I don’t care I’m copping as many as I can this year.


Any word on bringing the blues back?, or even the all black with gold?.

BJ Duncan says:


incognito1990 says:

Love this colorway of the questions, my 2012 pair is NDS and I don’t double up, but I was tempted to buy the recent release.


they are straight fire

Pat Lowe says:

A.. The lace on the left shoe is not going through the red O. These are fire still!


Dang son they not that tight, lolz

Wess Harvey says:

I hope that they come out with the blues

Tone Riggz says:

These are timeless classics.

Kevin Delacruz says:

Interested in your joggers tho…

Billy The Kiddo says:

yo delz please check this out.. they took your vid and trying to sell fakes with your review.. hope u can see it…

Dwight Davis says:

How’s the quality compared to other brands and sneakers Delz? Like compare the tumblr leather to like a ’11 WC 3s or something? can you just give me an idea of how comfortable and how quality the leather and sneaker is overall??

chopperboy3 says:

I still have my pair from 2012 I believe the came out and my sole is blue to this day with no yellowing, if reebok can do, why can’t nike & jordan make there blue sole from turning yellow?!!!

Binye East says:

nice contacts… almost got lost in your eyes during the duration of the review. Yes hetero.

Dwight Davis says:

Delz. Please do a comparison between the ’12 and ’16 pair. And the ’09 pair of you got them

Kinte Carson says:

s w e e t

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