Reebok Answer 1 Retro White/Red

Reebok Answer 1 Retro White/Red Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look at the Reebok Answer 1 Retro in the White/Red colorway — returning for the first time since its original release.

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Thanks for watching!!!

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Rob Mart says:

ankle rolls really bad with these, well at least mine did

SKETCH 25 says:

Love the interactions with the wife. Makes your videos more personal and entertaining. Keep up the awesome videos NW

It's a Rich world says:


Minh Ha says:

Those are ugly but I like them

brian12ish says:

Man, those shits are hideous, but glad you were able to get a “grail”

Show Off Reviews says:

Do they squeak at the tongue?..

Antonio Moore says:

They need 2 start retroing reebok more

Joe Pena says:

49ers all day bby… Lol

Thomas KG says:

Is that ebay link legit. Not fake sneakers?

Keng Kobra says:

My first pair of basketball shoes these are way made me an a I fan but why no reviews on the air money nikes

Dennis Chen says:

Saw these at Taipei Reebok for $122 USD. Had these back when I was in high school. Damn, I’m old…

TheEnd10026 says:

I’m sooo piss about these shoes why don’t Reebok just bring the Dmx tech back what are they waiting for that’s what made the shoes so cool to me.


I was in the 5th grade when these first released. My mom’s boyfriend took me to Footlocker and said “get any pair you want” and it was between these and the Air Jordan 13 “cherry red” that just released and I chose the 13’s. Went back to school that Monday and got clowned for not getting the Iversons instead.

John Bernarte says:

I like the conversation though. You guys are funny.

Huey Newton says:

it was reflective i am upset its not the og cushioning system i used to kill em in these on the court

Rhys Williams says:

Back in the late 90s I used to work for reebok, used to get all the Iverson/shaq/(Kemp) for pennies. Missed these shoes, miss reebok as a brand.

Daniel Morin says:

Bro, I was the Mexican Iverson!
(In middle school)

Timothy Kincade says:

This is my childhood shoe back in 1997 when I lived in Philadelphia. I still have my black gold ones still and yes there one of my grails!

Kendrick Williams says:

I need the Black & Gold pair!!

Nite Mare says:

Ugly meter??? dude these are some of the prettiest shoes!! although I do prefer the Black/white/gold/grey ones.

Kaos Pat says:

I had them in blue patent leather …they where super flashy…but I have to say these are some of the worst shoes I ever had from a performance perspective ….I never had a shoe I rolled my ankles in that often and I normally never have problems with that…oh and the cushion busted super quick….but I rocked those thing back in the day till they literally fell apart…I just thought they looked ultra dope

Thomas KG says:

And are these releasing in the states?

InZaneKicks says:

Finally became available in Canada,so glad Reebok finally came out with the retro.

Brandyn Heiskell says:

I just ordered mine from Reebok

Anthony Marquez says:

Hi Bro I got this also recently and in my tru to size but unfortunately its still big on me please help, what should i do get ? 1/2 siZe down or full size down? Please and Thank you…

Spicybrownbean says:

Anderson blu print in the background looks dope!

Jordan Cousar says:

Answer 1 are 3rd , Answer 3 are 2nd/ the Questions ,# 1 are the I3 legacy
There all my fave wrapped in one hybrid

ProjectPamaPhd says:

Is that Bianca talking in the background?

Frank Mack II says:

My fav baller, but i went through 4 pairs of those AI’s in 97 or 98. I wish AI had some nikes, i don’t Reebok anymore. And they heavy

Charles Rob says:

Man i REALLY REALLY REALLY like these and the iverson answer 4s! I dont know why i just always pass on them. I should just buy them so i dont fall back into regret for not getting them.

Miks 82 says:

Smells Good

Timothy Baxter says:

I had the original black/gold back in the day and they definitely were super comfortable and had amazing traction.

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