Reebok Answer IV (4) Retro Performance Review

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Nightwing2303 says:

It needs to break-in. Its leather and until broken in itll feel like they are poking your in the heel. Thick long socks are suggested.

Tigran Grigoryan says:

Hey Nightwing, I wanted to ask you if you know why Reebok doesn’t retro these often. Also, why don’t they retro the A 5s, that was my favorite model, as I had them as a kid. Thanks and keep doing what you do and keep evolving your channel!

BigDaddyKrackerzHD says:

i bought these for forty bucks and was wondering if i should hoop in them I am 15 and already have the 2012 hyperdunk low

IAMSAM1234567890 says:

I just copped the Georgetown’s and i’m having a pain in my ankle (like stabbing) while wearing the shoe in the pull tab area. Is it because their just new? I really like the feel of hooping in the but that one part.

03bubbachuck says:

These were my al time favorite shoes comfort lo

William Sneaks says:

Always wondered how these did. Thanks for the indepth review as always. I actually saw Iverson on the street walking in downtown Charlotte this past weekend when I was in town for Bobcats game. Can’t believe he is basically my size and used to do so much WORK in the league.

Jake Weinerth says:

so i just got a pair of answer 4 s. and i have a micro g insole. But am still using the shoe will anything bad happen if i take out the insole and keep alternateing shoes whith that one insole?

demetriusj54 says:

size what if u have wide feet?

Soli tary says:

do you think these are worth buying for guardplay? im really tempted…

Zentenk says:

If you are one to jump and land a lot, you may need cushion, think of an off road vehicle, they need a softer ride in suspension. Now a race car that stays low and has to stop quickly does not require that soft suspension. You don’t want your foot sinking or rebounding during a stop or explosive start, that makes you lose traction and responsiveness. I prefer very little to no cushion in the fore foot as there really isn’t that much need for it there.

Str8RapMuzik says:

I had this colorway

Mark Seneta says:

If anyone selling sz 10 DS dm me !

Brisk2124 says:

I had these shoes back in 03 and i was never able to brake them in…i have always like the look.AI

David Kattan says:

i love these shoes! i bought them on eastbay 2 yrs ago. i just bought me the navy white. a week ago on amazon. size 10. good luck finding em. the only got the grey white and red. which look weird. am not talking about the red and white which look bad ass. reebok should come out with more next yr. this is the only shoe they ever made that was raw.

mccmixes says:

he signed wit adidas….

shouteddevil says:

have you ever reviewed Nike Air Jet Flight (steve nash’s)?

James Dyer says:

I’m surprised you didn’t use the jordan 2009 insole. Instant zoom!

Antking1117 says:

I think you should do a show review with all the a.i’s & playing in them during a game to see what are good.

Eleirb Kim says:

Where can i buy that shoes??? Huhuhu wanting that since grade school.

Caleb Lam says:

hmm that’s a good comparison. personally i don’t like airmax that much because i feel kinda wobbly when i stand on top of it and the court feel just doesn’t feel all that great for me

clitos2012ce says:

Is it me or the grey/black/rivet model fits like a half size bigger? Will be waiting for your response patiently. Have a great day.

80sHillValleyKidBTTF says:

Nightwing is great every sneaker reviews are guys who give em in fashion perspective. You give some actual performance reviews that can give an idea some background of the nature of the shoe keep up your good work!

Zach Racow says:

Reebok wants you to buy their product so they have great quality. Nike KNOWS your going to buy their’s so they don’t care.

MF Goon says:

yo nightwing when are you going to review the nike hurrache 2012

Dylan Andrews says:

Great review, I felt like the shoe was a little loose, but I added an insole right on top of the current insole and it helped to keep everything locked down. Keep up the great work!

Samuel Lim Wei Siang says:

What is your rating for this pair shoe?

TheSpacedrone870 says:

These good for wide feet?

Non Hypebeast says:

I meant to cop these a long time ago. Ima pick em up in a couple weeks. Really want the kamikaze’s tho.

Dashsolpher1 says:

R u going to do a review on the Adidas adipower howard 3

FCM says:

Great video.

Non Hypebeast says:

Got these today. Great quality. Awesome vids man. I know it gets annoying with all these performance review requests. lol But your doing a great job.

iman nia says:

Do you know where i can get those sneaks with original DMX and Insole?

Casual says:

Loved these as a kid.  Wish they came out with white/gray and white/white color way as I would have purchased these.  To bad.  Guess I have to wait for the next batch when they run these again and I hope they do.

Fly Boy says:

I got these but the ones that I have doesn’t have Velcro strap

BasketballDemon11 says:

ya but the shoe is still out

CStarz says:

the black and whites are exclusive all the rest of the color ways are trash you cant find this original color way anywhere…glad i sill gottem.

jmaal2345 says:

I need these. Badly.

PjCruzTv says:

Dope vid brody

Heath Johnson says:

Perhaps the most comfortable pair of Reeboks I’ve ever worn. The cushion and lockdown were perfect. I had the white and navy blue colorway. IG: down4theking

Delvin White says:

Do u prefer the answer4 vs the question for gameplay

clbrown_23 says:

I might have to pick some up just for the look of them…. when your hoopn in them just to bring me back to when i was young

Alec Garcia says:

He’s no longer with Reebok. Signed with Adidas. Reebok basketball is shut down.

Cameron Wilson says:

i had to use the crazy light 1 insole

Roman Echeveria says:

I just copped this for 45$

Hunter Zhang says:

Seems like most shoes from 90’s are lacking ventilation, idk why, maybe a stylish thing? I like the breathable shoes better tho.

Zhengwen Tan says:

Where can i get a micro g insole without buying whole shoe?

mattysean253 says:

Thank u for these reviews very helpful

Non Hypebeast says:

Hell naw lol..but he still cool though

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