Reebok ATV19 running shoes | an average guy’s review

an average guy’s honest review of Reebok’s ATV19 running shoes

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Brendan Davis says:

Very well made video. Would you recommend these for cross country use? (I have flat feet if that helps with a decision) any feedback would be appreciated. Keep up the great videos!

AnotherDayToday says:

Where is mad tony?

James Gonzales says:

Ahhh…haven’t been running since the early 90s…bit this video made it look fun, I may give ot a shot…or have a shot, pr two…wait…noooo.neeed to runc great video!!

Bragadeesh Jegannathan says:

Your video breeds Quality in terms of presentation and humour. I am subscribing right away!

Daniel Simon says:

Nice video man I might just buy them how much is it

speedracy says:

nice review, like ur vids

Shrieking Dread says:

No serious runner would train in those

Ken Alegre says:

Tony, I’m happy that you are getting back into running.  This running training that I’ve been doing has done wonders for me so far.  Now I can fit into clothes that were previously tight.  And I can run longer that I thought I could run.

StrudelsFTW says:

Never thought reebok could actually come in handy. I was always stuck with Nike


how is the size compare to Nike Air max runner?

Nick Bond says:

I have the exact same shoes in blue!!! At first they felt very strange and very bulky but I have gotten use to them. They are actually daily commute shoes as a student and find their ways through my classroom as Mich as my gym. Love them.
I have to admit I was very shocked to see you reviewing shoes, and out of all the shoes, my shoes!

pedrof830 says:

Where were you, bro? Which are better for you, these or the Nike you tested a few months ago?

Aidan Beast says:

Very nice shoes, I love em. Mine are neon green! Nice video too! I Subscribed!

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