Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review on the recently released Reebok Aztrek OG runner. This is the first time this model has been re-released since its original debut in the early 90s.

Find the Reebok Aztrek here:

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actionbraxton says:

Glad to see Reebok stepping it up & dipping into the archives.

Chris West says:

Was just thinking of these other day I had a pair in 93.

Paul Flores says:

Love it!!!

Bogdan Serbanescu says:

True words! Saluté from Romania!

Richard Chua says:

Got that menthol look to them

kevin15776 says:

I loved Reebok’s early to mid 90s models. I wish they would bring back some of the Satellites and Preseason cross training models.

Chris Worland says:

so much nostalgia!

michael hernandez says:

This is fire… I like what it looks…

Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

Reebok pumps came out a few years ago. Shaq’s too.

Danny G says:

These are nice

Amilcar Polanen says:

there was a point in time when no one knew what nike and adidas was reebok nr 1 and l.a.gear nr 2.i am from that age.

Dorien Wharton says:

I might have to grab a pair of those man

Shmalentine says:

I hope Reebok brings back ATR Pump Torch – my all time favorite best all around shoe. Come on, Reebok!!!

Ben O'B says:

I thought they were kinda ugly at first but they look really nice on foot imo

Gabriel G says:

Can you do a performance review on the Kyrie low?

Squishy McSquisherson says:

Now we just need the Reebok Preseason line to return. Is Emmitt Smith busy right now?

Sham Ramachandran says:

Reebok Classic still holds strong against all that’s happening in the sneaker world. But the only problem is that they should bring the OGs back and frequently.

Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

Kamikaze I & II came out too.

CMCNestT says:

Reebok BB 6600 in White Charcoal. Please Reebok.

cdogg311 says:

Any review coming of the Reebok Daytona retro that came out?

InZaneKicks says:

Automatic thumbs up for me for featuring a Reebok model and hexalite cushioning to this day works like a charm.

Antonio Moore says:

Reebok needs 2 retro black white shaqnoise

Jordany Rosario says:

00:50 F-A-C-T-S.

vince lin says:

Reebok should bring back more retros from early 90’s.

Predrag Trutin says:

I wore Aztrek’s in the exact color 25 years ago, and it feels like it was last week 🙂 Those were great sneakers. I must get a pair to recall that feeling.

Alkor Melesker says:

I got Nick Van Exel Reebok when i was studying in University. Were realy dope one

Aaron Doutt says:

I want them to retro the bb 4600’s, white and grey please

metallika putra says:

well at least, not only me the one that think knitted upper is so so so overdone. Love your perspective!

Darius Walker says:

Kinda want

Jon petter says:

Dope shoes yes.

Spencer Sidmore says:

I still have a pair of Reebok classics sitting on my shelf at home, beat to absolute hell and back that I got 12 years ago freshman year in high school with money from my first real job at a car wash. Damn memory lane lol.

GreekSneakCollector says:

90s rules are back!

Highly Akicktive says:

absolutely feel you there haha. I got the white/blue/berry one because I liked it more in the beginning but the more I see the white/teal I feel like I need that one as well. Great review! Also – if you haven’t – check out the Daytona DMX if you’re into that style. Also a very dope Reebok retro!

Ruthless Bone says:

Reebok needs to retro Allen Iverson answer 6’s!!! The one where he raps in a commercial with jadakiss!

elijah27b says:

Damn he’s hot!

nyjeterss says:

As a kid had L.A. Gear with the lights. Or black suede van lows. Dad sure did have all white Reebok highs

jlcarterjr89 says:

Beautiful shoe and Hex cushioning? Can’t go wrong with it

Michael Lesko says:

These are niceeeee

daniel newton says:

They need to bring back “blacktop” shit! The Nick van exel/Sam cassell to the Steve Francis era shit

Jorge Martinez says:

Shaqnosis the best jajaja

Dj Solid says:

I had a pair of Shaq II. Black, Chucky and utterly destroyed as I was playing in them all the time. This was like 1997 I think. Not the best looking of shoes but fun to play in when you are a teenager and can not afford Jordans etc.

John McDuggle says:

They’ve already retreod the ERS 1000, but I wish they’d bring they’d bring em back… How about the Dan & Dave’s?!? What were they called??

Robert Patterson says:

I’m really Anti the whole dad show craze but I like these and funny enough my dad had these. I might actually cop. Thanx NW

Gandalf The Bae says:

I remember my very first pair of sneakers were a pair of white and blue reeboks from my unclegrandpa. I was probably 6 or 7 dat time. Don’t remember what they were called, but looking back they were definitely dad shoes lol. Anyway, dope vid and dope shoes yet again, NW!

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