Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 REVIEW


Review of the Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 weightlifting shoes. These are a hybrid Oly/Nano shoe. They aren’t the best CrossFit/Lifting shoe out there, but they are nice hybrid between the two. They have a raise, cushioned heel that isn’t quite as ideal as the 2.0 PLUS for lifting because it is not all that stable.

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Brewer Fan says:

These things sucked when I used them. Hurt the hell out of my feet and the right shoe fit differently than the left… like wtf

Konfu Hustle says:

Hey there, Greedings from Germany.
I do crossfit since 8 Month and right now I have the adipure 360. They have a very natural feel and for most of the exercises they are great. But at weightlifting, especially weighted squads they are not stable at all and since im not very flexible I need shoes with a wedge (I hope its the right word. My heel needs to be a bit higher).
I hope the Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 can provide that and I dont have the chance my shoes during the WOD. That whould be great.
Or do I have to buy pure weightlifting shoes?

Thank in future. Nice channel by the way.

Rex Dyer III says:

If I am a size 12 in the nano 3.0 and the nano 4.0, should I order a 12 in the Lifter 2.0? A lot of people at my box ordered a half size down in the Lifter 2.0. Thank you!

Koenma says:

i just want to know if the heels are elevated like other oly shoes

Ronald -JR- Metcalf says:

Great review.

Haim Green says:

Shoes can be used for training in the gym and not only specific exercises?

logical fruit says:

“greatly  reduces the shoes usefulness during squats and olympic lifts” great review thanks Addi-power its is

daniel rodriguez says:

One ask, this shoe will work good in crossfit? Maybe will be better nano 5.0 for lifting! Right now i am between nano 5 or lifter 2.0

Mikey MIV says:

i bought these shoes and i love them!

Ragekage says:

Very insightful review. I believe I will opt for the Plus version of these.

Thank you very much.

Mary Irving says:

Hello, great review!  You said they were OK for short sprints?  Would you say they would be OK for interval training, something like run on the straight, coast on the curves of an indoor track?  I already have the Lite TR but find they don’t quite work for Cleans and deep squats, and I have Nano’s but they’re not too great for my running. I have the 1.0 but am tired of the clunkiness, and I really don’t want to buy the Sprints.

Matthew Chan says:

Great review!  Thank you for helping me make my decision.  CrossFit Lifter 2.0 PLUS

peter nguyen says:

Do u think the crossfit lifter 2.0 pro are just as good as adipowers or nike romaleos?

Harveer Bassi says:

How are these shoes for deadlifting?

Cynthia D. Ruíz Díez de S. says:

Hi, excellent review first of all, but got a question for you: Do you think this shoe would help a novice/intermediate squatter? I’ve been squatting for a pair of months, technique is alright but i’ve been struggling to keep it right since Im squatting my body weight (115lbs) it seems my current pairs of training/running and even tennis shoes are to blame as they throw me forward when I push from the floor, so now Im between getting chuck taylors or these shoes, what would you recommend the most?

Steve Sea says:

What’s the heel height?

mike5chico says:

Hi there. Just found your page, and am very happy with your reviews. I just got the Sprint TR and would love your opinion of them if you’ve had the chance to take look. I’m just using them as trainers right now… but yeah… If you ever get the chance, would love to know what you think  

Chris Amirault says:

How would they hold up in powerlifting?

Bloody Bloody Barbell says:

awesome vid man. I just bought 2.0’s for my narrow stance squat….i came home, watched your vid and learned about the soft sole….so i ran back to sportchek and traded them for the 2.0 PLUS!

Huseyin UNKOC says:

Great review

Syahrul Anwar says:

Hey, im sorry if i miss out some of ur points but my question is this shoe the successor of the reebok u form oly shoes ? And is the difference only on the heels? Hope u could reply, i want to make the decision whether i should get the reebok u form oly or not

Gabriel Batista says:

do the 2.0+ fit the sane as the regular 2.0?

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