Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 REVIEW

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Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 REVIEW!! These are, in my opinion, the best crossfit shoes 2017. In terms of Reebok Nano 6.0 vs. Nike MetCon 2, I’d go Reebok for sure. I do think the Nanos are better than the MetCons. They have a 3.0mm drop and weigh in at around 10 ounces per shoe. Also, they have good tread and fit about true to size. I think they’re the best shoes for CrossFit.

Nike MetCon 2 Review:

The Nano 6.0s were provided to RIZKNOWS free of charge by Reebok for the express purpose of testing such product; however, we did not accept any monetary compensation from Reebok to provide this video.

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Antonio Maria says:

is this model good for hiit bodyweight? Burpees lunges jumping, sprints 40meters. squats? and how many km can I run with this? I really appreciate some advice!

MFFJM8140 says:

FYI Reebok outlet has these for $75 but it’s buy 1 pair of shoes & get another pair for $25….soooo u can get 2 pair for $100, averaging $50 per pair.
De Oppresso Liber

T Phas says:

Best workout mats please.

NKCFOA87 says:

how is the fit compared to the inov-8 235?

Aivaras Maceina says:

hey, could you make comparison of nano 6.0 and Reebok Workout 2.0 (because based on the outlook it seems almost the same and price for W 2.0 is around 80 dollars). What is the main difference?

caTpuccino says:

I can’t decide which one to buy. Nano 6.0 or Invo-8 F235 or Invo-8 F250, Please help ! I do gym workouts, running, lifting, weights, and TRX.

Fabio Piatti says:

¿Do you think it will be a good shoe for jumping rope? If not, which one would be the best I can buy for that activity? Thanks.

Catie Kilts says:

Ok so, I am beyond lost on what I should buy! I do cross fit/bootcamp and I’m lost between these, Nike free RN or Nike knits. I hate what I have because my feet cramp. I want something that bends of course. BUT how do you choose?!

sep Avila says:

wide feet okay with these?

E1ite51 says:

Please do a review and comparison of the Metcon 2’s with this. I’m always set on buying them, but I’ve read online that they’re bad for running, at least compared to these. Your review would be very helpful with this decision

Calvin says:

You should test the Samsung Gear IconX

Riomar Masinsin says:

yup nano 5.0 is very durable, i have it since last year and its pretty much new, hard to break in, i want to try the 6.0 this time thanks jeff i think this looks better

The Red Creative says:

Why? What’s up with the teal color?

Davis Tanaka says:

Do the jj 1s

Daniel Mendoza says:

buddy, you think there good for insanity max 30? or do u recommend something else for that?

dontcallmeheinous says:

Rizness handled, haha
Another awesome review. Are you planning on reviewing some of the other new releases like the No Bull Trainer? Also Reebok just came out with the Workout TR 2.0’s which look like a more wallet friendly version of the Nano’s. Thanks again, keep up the great work!

Jamie & The Jam says:

I really love watching your stuff man, keep it up!

Απόστολος Κερατιδης says:

Which fitness tracker/watch do you use on your CrossFit workouts!? Thanks in advance your videos are the best!

Stewart Clanachan says:

These good for fitness walking? What’s mid sole support like?

Max M says:

Hey Jeff do the No Bull shoes review and some other soft gear (5.11, Reebok, Rhone etc… – shorts, tops…)

David Franco says:

where do you get your black jump mats

Jason Koch says:

Great video Bro! I love my 6.0!!

Ricardo Damian Sivilotti Matulich says:

►►►MALISIMA ►►► La zapatilla es de muy mala calidad, a los 20 dias de uso se rompe a la altura del dedo miñique

bryanmartinez1 says:

Why not Teal!?

Evan Staley says:

These shoes really are the business. I love my pair. Running, lifting, rope climbs, even daily wear, they ROCK!

Natalia Waniczek says:

Man, you are everywhere! Every review I find its made by you 🙂 Let’s hope they are all accurate as I sort of started to rely on your opinions 🙂

Kelsea T says:

and I ordered the jaybird X2 because of you

Palty Rides says:

great review 🙂

Zoe Ward says:

where I live the 6.0s are more expensive than the metcons. Are the metcons as good?

Anders Andersen says:

What are your thoughts on using barefoot shoes as crossfit shoes?

Christina Connolly says:

I’ve been looking into getting a pair of 6.0’s, loved the 4.0’s but the 5.0’s killed my feet so I appreciate this review. Just wishing they would come out with better colour ways for the woman’s model because so far they are terrible.

American Patriot says:

Hey Rizknows what has made you choose these over the inov8 f lite 235 you reviewed as you did not specify that anf you had clearly stated the f lites were on your must haves and you made no mention of that in this video

SteinsChoice says:

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I haven’t had a problem with my 5.0’s at all. But, I suppose I should consider it’s the first quality activity shoe (aside from the Brooks running shoes I got a few months prior to the Reebok ones) I’ve owned [thanks to Jeff Rizzo]. I got used to the $40-$60 Newbalance for most of my life. Either way, I made a huge step up with the 5.0’s last year and still love them. Hope the great reviews keep coming, they have a heavy impact on my fitness wear choices.

Elijah Malone says:

I’m getting the nano 2 soon

Stephanie Dillard says:

Great video!! I’m new to Crossfit and looking for new shoes

Michael Cleveland says:

Great video and I know that you mention that they’re true to size. Sadly, finding a place to actually try the 6.0’s on near me is difficult. I did try on the 5.0’s yesterday and it felt like I was putting on swim fins. Plus, I normally wear either a 10.5 or 11 and had to put on a 12 to not feel as though my toes weren’t being compressed. Is that how the 6.0’s fit as well? Thanks.

Jesus Flores says:

review on the under armour speedform apollo 2

Fernando McRayearth says:

HOLY CRAP… Adidas Zamba … didn’t know they were a thing … i have them as the last resource since last year.. slippery ass hell


Great video

Ian McNabb says:

thanks for the tip Jeff, just about to start crossfit and this’ll help out … got any suggestions for socks to help your feet breathe in these? also got the vivoactive hr based on your reviews

Ahmad Jan says:


Kelsea T says:

your video made me order them tonight. cyber Monday amazon for $74.

David Franco says:

would you recommend these for insanity max 30

Lion dance Recorder LDR says:

What’s is ur favorite long run shoes ?

Weyoun319 says:

nice review, how do they stack against the NoBull surplus? been trying to find a review of those Online. I’m having issues when sprinting/running WOD’s with the nano 5’s and am considering the nano 6 or the NoBull. any advice?

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