Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 vs. Nike Metcon 2 Showdown

Two of the most hyped training shoes of all time come head to head in this comparison for the ages.

The Nike Metcon 2 takes on the Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 to find out who is the victor!

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Full Reebok Nano 6.0 Review:





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MrGpnichols says:

I know you said you prefer the 6.0 over any shoe right now, but how does the Nano 6.0 and No Bull shoe compare overall?

Beatriz Viloria says:

i like crossfit i wish i could afford one of those shoes but seriously in a 3rd world country like Venezuela it’s really hard to afford

Aspie Otaku says:

Both are good, i got the nano 6.0 on sale due to a store going out of business and got em for only 40 bucks lol.

Ryan Stucke says:

I absolutely love my inov8 bare x shoes

CABdosdos says:

Only have tried the Metcon 2’s but I love them for all things including running. I’d love to try the Nanos some day but for now I have a pair of Ultraboost coming in the mail 🙂

Ra Fa says:

Man for me. Nano looks bad.ass. I got mine with white colorway.

Lexter De jesus says:

What would you choose? $80 Nike Metcon 2 or $114 Reebok Nano 6.0? both are discounted. Thanks.

vito corleone says:

Great review man. I want to order the reeboks online. Could you tell me what size are your nikes and if the reeboks are the same size?

Ferdinando Corsaro says:

do you really think that crossfit shoes might change the game? instead of using a normal pair of training shoes i mean. (what’s the name of the music under the whole video?) ty

Eric Klein says:

I had the exact same thought, loved the 4’s indifferent with the 5’s LOVE the 6’s!

Simon Aspinall says:

Good review! So glad it’s not just me who loved the looks of the nano 2s! I like the look of the 6s so can’t wait to try them

Michael Pietrzak says:

So the 6’s are softercushier than the 5’s? I thought the common thread in CF shoes was you wanted them firm for oly lifting, squats etc.

Jacob Palos says:

6.0’s are hard to find online

Ava Adams says:

Hey I work at a reebok outlet and August 17th through the 21st were having a friends and family discount. 40% off in store (8803398) and 25% off online (8803399) and my employe id is 519030 !! You can use this discount on certain Crossfit shoes and clothes! Feel free to tell everyone you know!

nam nguyễn says:

Have you tried the Nike lunar caldra ? If you did, can u give me a review and comparision with the nano 6.0 pls. Thank you so much.

Taylor London says:

nano all day!

Alfonzo Ball says:

It always amazes me how people believe that Nikes look good just cuz they’ve got swoosh on them. Those look fucking boring

Jack Daniels says:

every Nike shoe I’ve owned has been far superior to any of the Reebok s I’ve had. I won’t buy Reebok s anymore. I am mostly referring to basketball shoes though.

b10hazard says:

I like the Nano’s but when is Reebok going to release a pair without crossfit written on them? I guess I will go buy some more nike’s.

Ricardo Damian Sivilotti Matulich says:

REEBOK NANO 6.0►►►MALISIMA ►►► La zapatilla es de muy mala calidad, a los 20 dias de uso se rompe a la altura del dedo miñique

Bryan Ferrer says:

I have flat feet, are they good for stability?

Revenge Fitness says:

If I wear a 11 in the Macon should I go up or down a half size?

Roberto herrera says:

in my opinion The nanos 6.0 are better than the metcons, they even have special material for rope climb and i think they look good

Dylan Todd says:

seriously? I think the nano 4 was a horrible shoe. I wore it for one sod and immediately returned them. If you’re saying the 4 was the best shoe and then building off that with the 6, then i’ll likely pass on them. The 5s were a good shoe and while i love my metcon 2s, my nano 5s seemed to keep my feet in-line more and they don’t loosen up and come undone like the metcon 2s do. It’s personal preference, but that Delta is super ugly. my entire gym has boycotted those things. now, if reebok re-released the 2s….

Rubi Ogata says:

Great explanation! Tks

taxation is theft memes news & more says:

i like my nano 5s. to me they look better than all the shoes but i like the wilder look.

dudebro says:

Great review. The Nano 4.0 fit so well. My 3.0 are worn down to bits but fit more loosely. I enjoy my Nano 5.0 for heavy lifting, especially for deadlifts and anything that requires a very flat base. But you’re right, they’re very ugly. Unfortunately, the Nano 6.0 is the ugliest of them all. I absolutely cannot stand them! I’ve seen the leak photos for Metcon 3’s and I can’t wait to use them next. The Metcon 3’s are the best looking training shoes in my opinion.

888Daniiii says:

for only deadlifts and overhead presses, which of the two would you recommend ? thanks

m3gaman00 says:

your ankle mobility needs work.

Chris Baltazar says:

my metcon 2 still has a little squeak on it. but i dont feel it in the middle of a workout so its all good. great review btw

Garrett Gonzales says:

still using the Reebok CF7

AlrightAlright Alright says:

brah I will lift in vans if I have to… people get too caught up in this shit. In the middle of a workout I couldn’t tell you what shoe I’m wearing. The only time shoes come into play is if you are solely running or weightlifting. When it comes to metcons (WODs, not the shoes) they are all fine.

DeadEyeNic says:

Which is better for running? I need new training shoes (i mostly do body weight stuff)

t3dd3k says:

What’s your verdict on the Inov8 Flite 250’s?

Kamen Petrov says:

I want to ask u some again, coz u test many trainers. It is Asics Fusex Lyte good shoe? I fall in love with the design.

Andrae Clarke says:

olympic bars looking like swords in the back

Manu B says:

Is it suitable for wide feet ??

Γιώργος Τσακάλωφ says:

is that on the back above your bars right from rich a greek wheightlifter called Dimas?

Brewer Fan says:

How long have you been training? Do you train at an affiliate? Just curious

Harry Psaros says:

Thank you.  Big help.  I’m ordering my 6.0 Nano’s tonight.  I’m involved in the martial arts as well.  I thought you had swords in the background!  Great video.

Kamen Petrov says:

What u think, for Reebok Quantum Leap BTB?

ThaGenius101 says:

Who cares about the looks of a shoe. It’s mainly about performance.

Ilias Samlidis says:

Dude you’ve got a great Greek weight lifter (Pyrros Dimas) in the background.. for that reason and only you’ve got my subscribe.. by the way very nice video..

John V. Seera says:

I noticed this red colorway has the heel part covered in black dotted
fabrics, is that extra kevlar compared to the other colorways? others
has that shiny plastic-like material with either plain or camouflage
patterns. Any thoughts? Cheers!

Rhys Searles says:

Thanks for the review. Love the #enditmovement hat too. God Bless.

Rock DEE says:

Aren’t the 5.0 and 6.0 bottoms the exact same? How is one stiffer than the other?

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