Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 Review – v.s. Metcon 3 & Nano 6.0

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Full detailed written review:

I really, really wanted to tell you guys that these are the best CrossFit shoes out there, but I just can’t this time. The Nano 7.0 takes huge strides in stability, but drops off in flexibility and overall usability. The Nano 6.0 was such a good shoe that the Nano 7.0 would have to be godlike to top it, but sadly it doesn’t. Not saying the 7.0’s are bad, they’re not at all, they’re just not as good as the 6.0 or even the Nike Metcon 3. CrossFit is an all encompassing fitness program, demanding of all facets of fitness; pushing too hard one way will sacrifice performance in other areas…and the Nano 7.0’s do just that.


Andy Ibarra says:

great review ! your input is always on point.!

Coolward Nation says:

How does the sole compare to the Crossfit Lite TR 2s?

Nicholas Busetti says:

I use orthopedics and want to know if Metcon 3 have a neutral sole?

Ben Martinez says:

And nanos aren’t really made for running just like the regular metcons aren’t made for running. That’s why reebok made the speed tr’s… and lets be honest if ur running more than a mile u do t want any of these shoes on u want running shoes

David Boyd says:

7’s are probably the worst nano reebok has made.  went from an amazing shoe in the 6 to destroying everything they’d built towards with the 7.  the shoe is so short on top of the toes/mid foot that I couldn’t even put it on and sit without pain. bring back the 6

D4Doom says:

Nano 7s or Adidas Crazypower TR? which is the better all around shoe? You reviewed both.

James Dickson says:

How do they compare in size? Tried on some Metcon 3’s this past weekend. Had to go 1 size up. Don’t know how Reeboks compare in size.

arvava says:

review the updated NOBULL trainers!! please!

Mr.Mister Blender says:

Dat Autofocus.

Nano vs metcon for lifting, which is best?

Ben Martinez says:

I love my nano 7s and love them but I also love my 6s and 4s! I’m like u just a big sneaker head

Esdru221 says:

I don’t understand Reebok, they made a great shoe with nano 5, more stable, hard and durable than ever, even It was better for run. but for get that, they renounce to the flexibility and comfortable of the 4s. They fixed this with the 6s, they put the best of the 5s and the best of the 4s in the same shoe! now they are do the same mistake of the 5s in the 7s… or even worst

jayo84 says:

Got my Nano 7!! Went with blue! I love the color!
I thought it was tight too but only the right foot! But I think its the stiffness that makes it feel that way. After 4 minutes of jump rope my arches hurt pretty good. That being said I have not been wearing Nano’s lately. I have been wearing speed TRs’ for months and still enjoy them better. Yesterday was box jumps and kettlebell swings. Not terrible. They are stable as hell though! Very very stable. They almost feel like lifters.

JT Cooper says:

Those gray nanos look like grandpa shoes.

kb50cal says:

Do you know anywhere online where I could get the nano 6 in that stealth black and gum color in 8.5 I’ve checked rogue, reebok, crossfit, eBay, and amazon no luck. As always awesome review man!

bambambambamsam X says:

I mostly lift and I think I will still go with the 6. my wife who stopped using Nano’s actually liked that fist color and is going to pick some up So I guess it won and lost people.

N. Ryan Conley says:

It seems like it’s too late to get a pair of nano 6.0. They’re out of stock everywhere.

jtcber says:

Which shoe is better for HIIT cardio exercise? Nano 7 or Metcon 3? I like the look of the Nano 7 more than the Metcon 3. The best looking Nano although I never own any Nano.

edwteja21 says:

how many shoes you have??? You need to do a video of all your coleccion.

Nathan McGlynn says:

What would you recommend for something more running/box jump/plyometric focused?

stivel pelaez says:

excellent review my man

Carlos Garcia says:

So, I’ll get nano 6 as I intended… thx dude!

Fabian Caicoya says:

Where can I go to buy a pair of Nano 6.0s? Reebok does not have my size and neither does Rogue.

pra P says:

Hello! Like a lot of people, I am not able to find nano 6.0 anymore at any store – for my size atleast – what would be a better alternate? Please let me know! Thanks!

Icedtea117 says:

If I have the reebok nano 4 in a size 8.5 and its a little big should I get a size 8 in the nano 6? Thanks for the help!

Francisco Esteban Aguilar says:

Nice review and the most important: honest!. Now the question will be: another nano 6 or metcon3?

Alex Alex says:

I´m still wondering how come reebok has replaced kevlar material for nanoweave? I believe kevlar is the most resistant and durable material for crossfit moviments than nanoweave. Perhaps Reebok simply replaced in order to have a lower cost material and increase their profits. What do you think?

Doppelganger 87 says:

Have you heard about the new Weightlifting shoes from Adidas?

MrHidoner est says:

I agree ^^

Dennis Mocheniat says:

I experience the hill slippage in Metcon 3 Regular model but it doesn’t bother me when I lift since my feet never leave the ground. I squat, deadlift, overhead press and do cardio on a stairmaster or do short sprints and during these cardio sessions I really feel my hill slipping. Would you recommend to stay with Metcon 3 or try out Nano 7s? I have a narrow foot.

Paul Dangerfield says:

Got my nano 6.0s for Christmas. I’m not salty at all about the release date. I don’t think the nano 7 is bad but I won’t ever own it. I feel like my nano 6.0s and my Rom 2s are plenty to get me through all my training.

nerzo4878 says:

my last nano were nano 2.0 and I didn’t change it at at all but now I was torn between 6.0 and 7.0 but thank you so very much now I know . get nano 6.0

Daniel Albert says:

Dude, if you were to choose one: metcon 3 or nano 6.0? They’re pretty much the same price here where I live

Carlos Mercado says:

Gracias por tu honestidad. Gran canal, gran video, saludos de México

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