Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 REVIEW!!

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Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Review! We have reviewed almost every Reebok Nano model, including the Reebok Nano 4.0, Reebok Nano 5.0 and my overall favorite CrossFit shoe to date the Reebok Nano 6.0 as well as other Reebok shoes, including the Reebok Pump so it’s safe to say I was pretty excited to try these new CrossFit shoes. However, after testing them I’m not sure if they are that much better than other CrossFit sneakers. The Nano 7s do have really sticky tread, they are comfortable and they do have good lockdown though. The NanoTech upper is also breathable, there is good spring in the forefoot and the toe box is pretty wide for powerlifting. But I honestly just don’t see that big of an improvement to make it the Best Reebok Nano or a frontrunner in the Nano 7 vs Nano 6 debate. The Reebok CrossFit 7 shoes are not all that flexible, they’re not that great for running and the external heel counter really doesn’t do much for me. The rope protection is just average – it’s worth noting the Kevlar from previous Nano models is gone. I have also noticed glue separating near the toe area and the padding on the tongue sometimes fatigues or starts to build pain points on the top of my foot. I could also maybe see dirt and gunk starting to build up in the Nanoweave or possibly ripping. All in all, these are pretty good Men’s CrossFit shoes and I could possibly see them being on the list for Best CrossFit Shoes 2017 / Best Training Shoes 2017. But I guess if I had my choice in the Reebok Nano 6.0 vs Reebok Nano 7.0 debate, I might take the 6.0s. Hope you enjoyed this Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 Review!

Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 Review:

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Marco Kruct Antelo says:

me parecen muy llamativo pero el concepto es traer más fanáticos al crossfit ..

Toby Thong says:

Yay for lunges with them! Love stiff shoes

EXG Freerun says:

Amazing review dude

siriusestrela says:

Fantastic… as always!

Troy Winikerei says:

That’s what happens when the Games’ mens champ/other games athletes are sponsored by Nike, there musn’t be the same cooperation between Reebok and the athletes as to what they prefer to wear while they workout/compete. The whole “made for athletes, by athletes” seems to be thrown out the window now…. One would think the predecessor to this 7.0 would have been the ‘Nano 6:14’, a redo and fix on Rich Froning’s Crossfit Compete shoe. Thus leaving the 6.0 as the 7.0, but I guess that comes with – like I said before – what used to be used as an excellent platform for making the best functional fitness shoe (working with athletes) must be long gone now. I say re-release the Nano 2 and 3.0s…

Rj Sully says:

Absolutely great, can you do a vid of you playing basketball with your pick of wireless headphones, and #notificationsquad

tecknos africa says:

why have they changed the well known Reebok logo to this strange triangle ? in my country Nike and Adidas are more popular , it’s extremely rare to see people wearing Reebok shoes

sean gallagher says:

The Nano 7s are as ugly as sin. They pretty much rushed this product out to not allow Nike Nano 3s to take compete market share after they released them.
I actually like the Nano’s but if Reebok really wants to stop losing market share of the Crossfit show market then they should create a new line of a “better looking” (i know thats subjective) shoe to compete with the Nano line.

Attack helicopter says:

How are *Nike free RN*?
PS: i’m a beginner in running.

Ol1VI3R says:

I find these shoes pretty ugly to be honest and the colors are just terrible.

Jack Fairchild says:

What is your best mile time?

Teddy Morgan says:

Nice review Jeff. Is Reebok on a quest to make the nanos uglier each year lol? I think I gotta stick with my metcons.

Bruce Vue says:

You should check out the pure boost 2017

Jason Jiavaras says:

Review the zoom Pegasus 33 plz

Yusuf Idara says:

Awesome background

Said Tweini says:

What are your thoughts on the Nike Zoom Train Action? Jordan Trainer 1’s?

jose alfredo torres reyes says:

what do you think about the reebok speed tr?

Joe Schwartz says:

In hockey we call that lace bite.
I’ll stay with my ugly but great nano 4’s.

Alec Corpora says:

To bad reebok doesnt have anymore 6.0s in mens 9.5 :(. I want some

Rin lo says:

Review the Adidas ultra boost 3.0

D4Doom says:

Review the Crazypower TR next. Imo these are the best CF shoes out. Adidas nailed it.



bountyhunter501 says:

Awesome review! Something cool you might want to check out is Pedestal Footwear – they’re like workout socks with grip so they can be used as a shoe. Would love to hear what your thoughts are on these!

Axel Engelmann says:

So if I want to buy a crossfit shoe that it can be good for run…. Metcon o Nano 6 o 7?

Shelby Chapa says:


Estevan Garduno says:

day edge doesnt$100

Vijay m says:

Good review dude. Thanks a bunch.

Riddhin Mekangadde says:

could you do a review on the Nike rn flyknit motion

d3x labs says:

Thanks for the honest review. I was wondering how these fare vs the metcons 3 but now u got me thinking of the nano 6’s again.

Ramon McNally says:


Agooze Teruhiko says:

thx for the great review bro, i’ve decided to buy nano 6.0 based on your review and it feels amazing on my feet. Its only about 65usd here in Indonesia

Bart Algozzini says:

Really hard to find 6s in a lot of sizes especially 10.5.

Jarring Bachroemsjah says:

Nice looking shoes ☺️

Josue Mata says:

Yes finally

francis nava says:

love my nano 6. theres the best,! ill try the no bulls this year..due to the stiffness of the nano 7.

TheNeooutlawx says:

Meh, i’ve disliked the nano since 4.0. I’ve used the inov-8 all train 215 for awhile and they have been the best crossfit shoe I have ever owned.

Kaleb H says:

I tried the nano 7.0’s and was not a fan, they just didnt feel right and in here in Australia they dont sell the Nano 6.0’s so i guess i need to stick with my Nano 5.0’s…Rizknows do you think you could send me a pair of Nano 6.0’s XD

PH 5555 says:

can I use this for 10km running?the color is pretty dope.

MN Drummer says:

Just got the 6.0 for 70$ thx

Joseph larkin says:

Great review!! I agree, the nano weave is going to get snagged. Having visible glue showing separation is not good. Looks like they tried to cut corners and cheapen the production cost

giff74 says:

Good review! I think the last several Nano’s were evolving and the 6.0 was a really nice shoe. It was like Reebok started from scratch again on the 7.0 and it looks like it could be very blah at best. The other thing about Reebok Nano’s are often their colors. I sometimes wish they’d stick to more basic colors and not try to “out Nike” Nike.

ncmedic3 says:

Love both channels. What do you think of the Nike Free Train Versatility? Also, could you do a 2017 best gym shoe update?

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