Reebok Dee Brown Omni Lite Pump Sneaker Review + On Feet W/ Dj Delz

Dee Brown dunk + More info on these shoes:

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StealthClassicZ says:

I want a pair but I can’t find them

dgraves718 says:

They look sick on feet. Usually when I wear my kicks with pants I don’t like the tongue out but you gonna do it with these, to show of the pump

thafather414 says:

I jus bought a pair and I’m worried about creasing, how do I prevent that?

alexbarquin9 says:

Do u own The Pump? How’s the fit in that? True or go up a size as the toe box looks looks very narrow. Great show man!

Brandon Caison says:

I got my pair so fresh

Allif01 says:

These are my new shoes

Kyler Thiphavong says:

Got one for 27.99 at finish line

kunta kinta says:

Love that shoe

Im a train Fanatic says:

The original Dee Brown’s are becoming rare to find online. Even on ebay.

Marquie MaveryMave says:

Ahe DJ Delz bruh I wear a 10 but these seem a little tight due to my feet being wide should I go up half a size.

Savtej Dhillon says:

I’ve had them for 5 years before I finally trashed them enough, definitely going to buy another pair. Hands down one of the best all around comfortable shoe that I wore almost every day.

Eddie Reynosa says:

good vid.. should’ve pumped it up thou lol

SilkySkillsUnited says:

an absolute classic.

Narcissistic Penguin says:

la beast wears those 😀

nms says:

I have a pair of OG’s 1991 for sale

Boudewijntje says:

Ah, I absolutely LOVE these shoes!
Got myself a pair like a year ago, it was a sample and I bought the pair for like 20 euro’s 😀

RaysReps says:

I’ve wanted a pair of those ever since I was little thats what John Cena always wore to the ring when he was doing his rapper wrestling gimmick lol. Might cop just for childhood fantasy purposes haha

P. says:

best angle byrds eye view, pump looks good on tongue, but best part is wide flat laces/laced up.

Victor Gonzales says:

i paid $55 at foot action

silverchair124 says:

Reebok pumps are quality, comfortable basketball shoes. I wonder why reebok makes shoes so limited? It seems like people like the old school look, because they sell out quick

silverchair124 says:

I have the twilight zone pumps, and I noticed they break in better than most b ball shoes, real good quality leather bro. They break in like a leather baseball glove

SneakerheadCarlos says:

I didnt even know these released!! I actually was waiting to see if reebok came out in this colorway since where I work we have alot of other colorway of the pumps! Now that I know they did ima definitely cop!!!

Chris Toland says:

did they ever re release the double pump? I wanna see a review of those

Cody Thompson says:

True da size true da size true da size

Curt El says:

reebok and adidas are coming up!

idoraparkbill says:

Just picked up a pair of these at finishline on sale 69.99. Love them true to size. Old school at its best.

Demeñted~Miñdstate says:

Follow my IG for some cool Reebok Pump’s pics, @demented_mindstate

flealicka says:

If they re-release these I’m gettin a pair

wayne campbell says:

they came out today, do the pump work?

Water Flame says:

I have those… problem is how to clean it free

kwato says:


Noah Chevalier says:

I like your shoes fat ass

Sebastian Cot says:

John Cena 😀

Brad Powell says:

I have those in the royal blue seriously thinking about copping those ones as well, such a classic sneaker and soooo comfortable !!!

The Frugal Sneaker head says:

Great job on the videos my man

pepe says:

they on reebok’s site now

Red Forsberg says:

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks…


Got em!

Rafael Macasias says:

i remember john cena used to rock these

Dare2BeDifferent34 says:

Reebok does it again !!!!!! Materials stay true , the shoes look stay true and the feel stays true to the original. I love Js but TRUE fans of sneakers understand the importance of this masterpiece !

silverchair124 says:

If they had my size I would buy these in a second. Your reviews are always good Dj Delz

flealicka says:

Wait,!!?!? These released this year ?!?

SACE2 says:

Slept on these… regrettably!!! Guess I gotta deal with the resellers- hate that world, BS!

Thanks for the reviews Delz, killin it!!!!!!

Vinavive says:

how can you review the pump without even pumping?!

Variares10 says:

Do these work well as everyday shoes?

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