I am just as surprised as you that I’m reviewing a Reebok shoe today. But, honestly, the FloatRide Run was a big surprise for me. Super cushioned and pretty damn comfy. What do YOU think of the Floatride Run from Reebok? Have you even heard of it??



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George Palacios says:

Can you review the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34!?

McMeatBag says:

Oh no, this is the beginning of your descent to the crossfit cult.

They actually also recently released a serious weightlifting shoe. It seems like they’re starting to try appealing to more than just crossfitters.

Joe Peternel says:

Seems awful based off what you expressed haha

Carlos Munoz-Hernando says:

I had the same problem with the sweet road, i couldnt fit into, no way. That shoe is super thin. I am reviewing right now the Zprint 3D (sweet surprise have to say) and the sublite sport (for wide feet and just 170gr was worth a try).

Ale Cepeda says:

Can you do a review of the Under Armour Highlight 2?

Eric Kienle says:

I have a pair of the Harmony Road’s. I love them. All around great shoe. One of my favorites that i bought in the last year

Amber Nixon says:

Giggity? Haha hahaha! Digging the shirt!

Aleksander K says:

good luck with the rest of the edit!

Dj1964 says:

I didn’t hear if it fit true to size. I have to order it online

Jake Mangan says:

I really think you should try the Asics Dynaflyte 2s. I currently have the 1s and they are perfect for any type of running. Light enough for short distance and cushioned enough for long miles. Also they are stable for calisthenic work too. I would love to hear what the 2s have done to improve upon the 1s.

George Carter says:

Reebok’s website says this shoe has an 8mm drop? Also I’m not sure what about the materials makes the shoe feel heavy, considering a men’s size 9 weighs 8.2 oz.

Griffin Gurley says:

So you only review products you like? Sounds like a way to get people to send you more stuff because the worst that could happen is if you think it sucks you don’t review it. I’m sure most of us would like to see honest reviews on even the things you don’t like.

Fire Fox says:

I bought them when they came out. I actually used them for running erans after long runs for ironman training. I was also able to insert a insole and it fit comfortably. A little more room overall in toe box would be great. I think reebok maybe on to something. I love competition for running shoes. Yet at $150, way too much!

Mark Parrett says:

Should stick a pair of the original pumps on the set shelf

Φώτης Γιακαμόζης says:

Adidas Group… Hmmmmmm….

Manuel Zavala says:

Thanks for the review, Ethan. I have never ran on Reebok’s either. It’s pricey for me at $150 (it’s in Bondi 5 territory.) But still, I wonder how is the toe box? What were your impressions?

Michael Taylor says:

Will you please review the new Brooks Levitate. Thanks!

Dominique Fun says:

When I first encountered the 3 shoes you mentioned, I had the exact reaction as you did, haha. I haven’t try it, I am hesitant about the heel design which I thought that it won’t hold the feet well.
And 1 more thing to joke about, your facial expressions tells it all. Lol

Weird Drumcovers says:

I guess the likes are in his right hand and the dislikes are in his left hand.

James Ambrocio says:

$150 WTF?! That’s a 0.5/5. Who are they kidding?

p013vau1t says:

I got a free pair of Harmony Road shoes a few months ago for being a Ragnar Captain and They are pretty awful. Pretty clunky, heavy and very stiff. The first time I ran in them they killed my achilles and I was sore for a week.

Jovan Maksić says:

well Reebok is bought by Adidas so we will see even more running shoes from this Brand.

JR MASIA says:

I agree with the fact that Reebok is not a running shoe right now but it was a leading brand when Saucony ,Brooks and others were not even known. Maybe It s because i m becoming a bit old.

David Hodgin says:

That color way Looks great

Kristie Van Humbeck says:

Where did you get your t-shirt?

Quang Ton says:

Do you have a good tutorial on your medal frames?

Blake Edmondson says:

Has anyone noticed the times on the bottoms of the inserts?

Travis Jewell says:

I got the Reebok RealFlex when they came out (the ones with the square animated tread characters) and actually really liked them both for the ride and the old school looks. Just couldn’t go from trail to pavement because they were rock magnets. So I’d be willing to give Reebok another go, but yeah $150 is steep. I’ll wait for a clearance pair.

Sean Brennan says:

How do you get free stuff without being an elite athlete? Not a knock on you just curious.

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