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After spending some time with the new Reebok Legacy Lifters, I can honestly say that they’re the most stable weightlifting shoe at the moment, but at a cost. The Legacy’s are a very heavy set of shoes, and I probably would not recommend them for beginner weightlifters. If you’re an intermediate weightlifter or just looking for some shoes to squat in, the Legacy’s know no rival. Reebok has done an excellent job in turning out a competition ready weightlifting shoe.


Sawyer R says:

How would you compare these to adidas adipowers and nike romaleo 2?

Vítor Meirelles says:

Bought them after Xmas for a ridiculous amount of $78 on Crossfit Store. Absolutely love them and can’t believe I got so lucky. Thanks a lot for the review, it really helped me!

Khalid I. Bin Huraib says:

Great review as always BRO, your channel is the only one that I turned on the notifications

jlalonde1000 says:

have u tried any of the wooden oly shoes??

SharonBrianTv says:

Should i get the same size as my romaleous 2 ?

Jefferson Corpuz says:

My first weighlifting shoes were the Reebok Lifter PR; sized in men’s 8. They felt longer about almost an extra inch in length. Will the Reebok Legacy fit the same as the Reebok Lifters? I don’t want to have that big gap in the toebox. I only ask because you’ve done a review of the Reebok Lifter PR.

Amable Viloria says:

So what’s your hunch as to the lifter that’s gonna be provided at the games this year? Will it be this onev

Marlon Orellana says:

anyone try this for powerlifting specifically low bar?

Tyler Dominiak says:

Should I order same size as my adipower ?

upraj singh says:

I bought these, and loved them… am I the only one struggling to even walk? I do not want to carry two pair of shoes to the gym. My gym is a 7 minute walk but I struggle to reach there with these shoes?Is it me or others find it comfortable to walk.. and unlike the round front .. I somehow have a bit pointy model.. I like the round ones lol..

Fastrada says:

I’m a Size 9 in casual shoes , these will be my first weightlifting shoes should I get one size more or same

CatcherOfBass says:

Could you tell me the song at 0:10 . I can’t find the lyrics on google. Sounds a little like . Cole

Marcos Córdova Flores says:

I’m a size 10.5 in the Nike Metcon 2 , should i keep it that size or go half size down ?

Abdulhalim Abdin says:

What about the sizing, if i want to buy the lifters does it fit the same size like nanos 6

Robbie Hyde says:

Any news on the Romaleo 3’s? Deciding if I should wait on those, or just snag these up. Looking at the Romaleo 3 leaked pictures, they seem like theyd be a little lighter than these shoes. Thoughts?

Vincent Juanites says:

Hey man! how would you compare these to the nobull lifters? I have have a pair of no bulls but was curious to see how these compare

Todd Matthews says:

Best shoe for a powerlifter that likes a heel?

Hamilton De Avila says:

How does it fit compared to the nano 7?

Dalton Brindle says:

What’s your comparison with these and the romaleos vs the Eastwood’s?

counting the pages says:

you prefer these over nobull?

Fastrada says:

I can’t wai to get these man I hope to fucking god they don’t sell out

chansuk kim says:

Thank you.

Victor Andres Ortiz says:

so if im size 11.5 in metcon and nanos, what size should i get these?

Bradley Clarke says:

Loving the reviews !! Question ….. Currently have AdiPower lifters size 10, looking into either the Legacy or the Rom 3’s…… Use for CrossFit which obviously incorporates heavy lifting often in the ‘off season’. Which would you recommend ? And at what sizes?

Kilo Kilos says:

So in person, which color looks better?

Medardo Perez says:

ut seems like the straps are as flimsy as they were on the lifters plus. I’m sure if they are the same they will break down within 3 months. how do they straps compare to the adidas n nike?

ricardo Ortega says:

I squatted 405 no problem with these on.

Neal Beegle says:

Great review! These will be my first pair of lifters. Would you size these the same as a metcon 3?

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