Reebok Lifter PR Review – Best Weightlifting Shoes

Reviewing Reebok’s version of the Powerlift trainers led me to a very surprising discovery. There’s no real information on what the effective heel height on the PR’s is; in asking Reebok’s senior shoe designer what the heel was he told me it was 15.5mm (.6″) effective, which was accurate to what I measured it to be. I ordered a pair of Powerlifts to compare, but I noticed they were much shorter, and when I measured, it was only an 11mm drop (.43″).

Heel height aside, the Lifter PR’s are very capable entry level weightlifting shoes and if you’re not lifting ungodly weight, should suffice most people. I wouldn’t go ditching your Romaleos, Adipowers or even Lifter Plus’ for them though.

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Marco Lombard says:

In your opinion witch are the best lifting shoes

aficionado says:

could you review reebok lifter plus 2.0 and compare it to other shoes(adipower, romaleos position etc.) is there a much difference between them for recreational lifter. thank you a lot for reviews

Bilal Rasheed says:

Your reviews are truly awesome! details and well delivered. Wondering if the heel drop could actually be better if it’s less so you can get more comfortable when going back to lift with Nano’s or Metcons for WODs that has heavy weights.

Dale Gre says:

Great review. Thanks!

hcc ch says:

thx for the review!

Andrew Pha says:

Hey Joel, first of all great channel – very informative! Just wondering your thoughts on these and the powerlifts compared with the inov-8 370 BOAs? I order the 370s a few days ago waiting to try them out 🙂

Thanks in Advance,

Thai Bui says:

Joel, how do you think this shoe will do for kettlebell sport? Or do you have any recommendation/ideas for a different shoe for kettlebells? Thanks!

Jake DeLeon says:

I just bought these at an outlet for $40…
I only squat and deadlift because my gym doesnt have olympic weights
Is there any other use I can use these for?

Eben Gtz says:

Which one is better, the PR’s or the powerlifters?

Sergio Maldonado says:

how many lifters you got?!?!?!

Suave Bob says:

so would you recommend half size down or full size? your vid says half size but your site says full.

Unarmfever 3 says:

which $90 to $100ish shoe would you go with???

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