Reebok Question Performance Review

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NICKHAM16 says:

Best basketball shoe of all time

Daethan Smith says:

I usually wear a size 13 in Jordan sneakers, they usually dont have a 12.5 size in retros so thats why im stuck with a size 13. I have about half an inch of space in the sneaker and this may be my first purchase of reebok. In your opinion should i purchase a 12.5? or stay with 13

Karl Rodriguez says:

Back to the future 2016

elchotocorazon says:

I love your selection I just wished you used a higher res camera. Great job!

Antonio Rayes says:

People sleep on these shoes

Nick Valles says:

They still sale these?.

Kaelin Ellis says:

The Reebok Question is the greatest shoe made after one of the greatest shoes ever. How ironic lol

Inthapop :D says:

Can we get some Crocs Performance reviews lmao jk dont die

bcmeighty1 says:

My favorite shoe by far.. Did the Jordan thing in the early 90s but once they started with the cheaper materials I couldn’t see fork’n out that kind of money. Late 90s early 00s these were where it was at.

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

Did you just say translucid a*sh*le?

Jar Jar Kinks says:

Cani actually hoop in these? Or are they just got off court? ( I play indoors and outdoors)

Durk Bird says:

These are so dope

Enzo Neri says:

that is beautiful

Boss martinez says:

Hey nightwing they just released those iversons will they be the same as the 2012? Up dated or just like the original? I played in them back in the day it’s an awesome shoe I like playing in old school shoes

Beanie boy says:

Can I still buy this thing in this time?

Jordan Martijn says:

I grew up in 2000s and my mother kept me in 90s shoe and I just love how these feel and how ithey play

Roberto Zuluaga says:

R these good for outdoors

Pablo Arredondo says:

are these shoes good for outdoor?

Dalmax Trasporte says:

May you do the questions low?

Denis Ramic says:

where can I get a pair now? *2015 now

Yusuke FuryRoad says:

super underrated, these so OG i use to wear these in Gym class in middle school…wore them out so bad I threw them away in the lockeroom dumpster after they were so beat up and torn. But Iversons are so underrated

Andres Enriquez says:

love the videos great work keep it up homie love the collection as well

hov81979 says:

Questions!!!! Best looking Reebok ever made!!!

Jay Chang says:

love this guy, go to him for reviews all the time, knows his stuff

Vine Wood says:

I’d have to rank the question low at #3 on my shoe list behind Jordan XI breds & Adidas superstar black leather with white stripes & white shell toe. I wish I could find a new pair of white question lows with the blue fabric toe, should’ve bought 4 pairs when footlocker had them back in the late 90’s… 

Lorenzo Bondoc says:

would the low version work ?

fhenomify says:

Where can I cop

EmperorJBO says:

The 2009 versions with the nubuck/suede toe box, that toe box was narrow as who knows what. If anyone notice, the Questions kinda look like the Concord air jordan 11.

flymin says:

a couple of things…supreme grip outsole means hi wear…same as tyres on your car…its the sacrifice for performance…leather has much more breathability than synthetic so you can get away with less ventilaton…being an avid motorcyclist …you learn this fact quite quickly…so im a huge fan of leather over the newer “synthetics”shoes G”day from Down Under Peace

Cash Nasty's Hairline says:


jr madness says:

can shoe stand up with new shoes

Enric Bagur says:

3rd shoe in the intro?

Johann Villanueva says:

Reebok Q96! Pleaaase?

5u54 says:

I want some of these!!!!!

Damani Strasner says:

got a pair of these in the georgetown colorway, madd comfy

Al says:

Hey nightwing! I saw this video on the side while watching an official NBA video LOL 

Maxwell Tsetsakis says:

Reebok is so underrated fr they’re actually really cool

ismael medina says:

I just bought me a new pair first since 2002!

Long_Live_Mahlz says:

What about plastic courts?

FootWearGalore says:

Size 10.5 for sale here

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