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Thomas Brown says:

These are sick I copped a pair only thing I don’t like is that they crease real easy and I’m not sure if my pump is working but they are comfortable as hell and look clean Ima have to get me a throwback jersey

Jeffrey Martínez Alvarado says:

They look nice

Graf Zeppelin says:


Jabon Wilson says:

So glad these came back out I was just about to cop a old pair off Ebay for more money than a new pair. Now these will next to the away colorway. Best classic drop in a long time. They Sumner time fine!

Nico Basualdo says:

what size are these ? and what size are you on AirForce 1 Mid ?

engelmann82 says:

why is no one commenting on the bad pump system that Reebok is using on the retros nowadays…nobody tried to pump them up?

Justin Frias says:

Those nicce not a ccop doe

Alireza Atash-Sobh says:

I purchased 2 pairs of these from and neither pair pump feature works. Did anyone else have this issue??

Richard A says:

Is there any differences with this pair compared to the other retros?

Kraz3e987 says:

I got into reebok when I got into sneakers like 3 years ago, cause for real I had worn a pair of 7s my brothers owns and some 4s a friend had and they felt like bricks. Reeboks Costed less and had dope quality with awesome comfort so I would go for those instead of Js. Also the Iverson line just captivated this feeling of 90s that really appealed to me even tho I’m only 18 lol. I think it’s cause I remeber by brother rocking answer 4s when I was little. Shaq reeboks are tough too

lbnycity89 says:

Yo Delz….. It would dope if u did a Penny & Shaq video by showing off the foamposite one royal and shaq attaq, talking about the history when they was on the Orlando Magic, and also do a pick one faomposite one royal vs shaq attaq.

SoopaMan2K says:

I know you getting the D Brown’s in Feb?!


my fourth pair

DjuLizatiOn juu says:

These kicks are so great, i love the shape they have and even more in this colorway, just dope stuff really, reminds me so much when i was a kid and yes lots of nostalgia .. Need those and the Jordans VI .. Then i can die happy xD

surfingjc says:

Grail status

Jae Illinbaus says:

trends come and go, history is forever

This Face Is The Face I Make During Sex says:

Those look like Dwight Howard’s all big men have the same lookin fuckin shoes

brett rock says:

idk about true to size maybe it’s a coincidence but I wear a size 11.5 but I got these in a 10 and the fit perfect

king_ryan_james says:

I tried these on, but they were WAY too stiff and high top.

Michael White says:

Dope retro shoe! Have to have’em.

Marijuano619WSO says:

any summer clothes that go good with this?

Chiflyfreshtadef says:

i got them and they dope af

peewee3030 says:

I want those

321Flight23 says:

I definitely grabbed myself a pair today. Missed the last release of all colors so it was time.

gary chong says:


Jay Hill says:

I was able to cop for 120, couldnt pass that up

Loudpakdre Bay Area says:

shout out to the REEBOK Boyz

Chris Salmina says:

great video delz… I personally picked them up also with the shaq attack iv OG’S great couple pairs. people will regret not getting them later..

Darrell Jackson says:

them fire asf I am about to get some of them

Mild Quile Walker says:

I like em

south side says:

sickkkk af

ObiJuan Kenobi says:

Digg your Vids bro …

carlos pons says:

Got my pair a few weeks ago

LordNMF says:

I need a comparison man. Please provide us with the banger.

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