Reebok Shaqnosis Performance Review

Here is a detailed performance review on the Reebok Shaqnosis. I really enjoyed them and thought they made a great outdoor hoop shoe. For more information head over to

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RAJohnson713 says:

I cant belive u changed your name

Nightwing2303 says:

I appreciate it

Gadgets says:

favorite shoe for an outside baller

Alan Simon says:

The traction on these is horrendous on indoor courts, even clean ones. However, they are awesome outdoors. 

firstname lastname says:

What’s is your thoughts on A plus traction???

austin says:

so i searched “nightwing” on the left of my homescreen on youtube right? i had a little heart attack when it yielded nothing. lol. i was like “why the hell would he delete his channel?? its frickn awesome!! whyy??” so yea. keep it up man! dont really care what name you roll with. good content over everything.

Nightwing2303 says:

The Question had the Hexalite glued to the side of the shoe, which is decorative. The Shaqnosis has it built into the midsole and they shoe you the cushion through the little window. You can see it compress in the footage as well. Its functional.

Trace Pardoe says:

do they run true to size?

RAJohnson713 says:

Nightwing2303 is a better name bc not every shoe is reviewed for oncourt performances, if you cop a retro jordan are you going to do a oncourt review? No, same apples to nightwing. We all know who nightwing is its just why change after you have come this far??

Daniel Buendia says:

Where is a trusted online store i can buy em or order them?

JstaX da man says:

i love these shoes

Al Kider says:

I bought these based on this review so thanks nightwing, appreciate your thorough reviews.
Anyone else experience rashes from the heel pillow rubbing on your Achilles tendon? Im hoping it goes away once it calluses up.

facker gomez says:

does it crease easily?

chingon231 says:

these are clean i missed the release date on these hope i can find then for retail

Alex Casas says:

Need it but cant find it

SuperStrik9 says:

An interesting little fact: The same guy that designed the Kamikaze II’s designed the Shaqnosis. Can’t remember his name but I’m sure google will tell you lol.

eric wagner says:

Would you recommend buying these night wing???

Gregory Hairston says:

what about indoor?

Zombie Batman says:

the name change is disappointing, from a batman fan to another. BUT! its a good move and its one that makes sense. Says a lot about your growing brand. Wish you nothing but success, brotha. Who knows. Maybe somedays youll be reviewing shoes from the inside before theyre even out

Tidal Gaming says:

those suck ick

rmiran says:

zeebra lookin

Christian Octavo says:

why are people complaining about the name change? there’s no difference because he IS kicks on court. either way i dont care haha aslong as you keep the conten going im good haha keep it up man!

Luke Firenze says:

Change it back! It’s just not the same

TheYg Dada says:

They look lie zebra cakes

BeliveTheHype XBL says:

I have some for sale HMU if you want to buy

Antonio Rayes says:

Man I have to stop sleeping on reebok

ariunbold munkhbayar says:

gay child shoe

RAJohnson713 says:

Change it back

RAJohnson713 says:

Im sad

HumbleFishStix says:

i been playing in the gym with the escape from la shaqs and the answer 4s and they’re both great. can’t decide which i like more, but when summer comes around i imagine the shaq’s are coming outside

Emmanueli Philipo says:

sioni performance brother

Sneaker Head says:


Nico Balbontin says:

I’m in full support of the name change. Huge fan. Keep doing you! and what do you think about the weatherman foams??

NinjaSuper says:


Nightwing2303 says:

Either you support me or you don’t. This change will show me who really supports me and who doesn’t.

WXYZBoiIsBack says:

well kickdeals is selling the black and blue colorway for $50

Bob Jones says:

who cares if he changes his name yo come to watch the videos not look at his uberdey cool name. people are goof balls

grop1234 says:

who cares its just a name…

TARS says:

whats a cop better the Reebok Shaqnosis black and white or reebok kamikaze 2 black and white. New to reebok kicks so if u could go into detail about price/etc it would be great.

TheGamerzAid says:

at 5:40 he casually says that ventilation sucks  XD

chøke says:

The Nubucks for protection, the Leathers got alot of hoes.

Kyle Mazzarella says:

Do you think it would be worth going down half a size to get the colorway i want? Please reply

waveonetravel says:

I’m thinking the vertical Hexalite may just be decorative…. Like the RBK Question…


Al Kider says:

Also for anyone wondering I got mine off ebay –

Good value from repp’d seller in heaps of colourways.

topspin_14 says:

hey nightwing….kamikaze or this one?

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